Welcome to Natalie's Tributes Page

This page is dedicated to people's personal tributes to Natalie.

While organising Natalie's funeral and memorial service it became apparent there were far more people who wished to speak about Natalie than was practicable. Gavin Ashenden, the university chaplain who was conducting the service, suggested that people put their thoughts down and write or email him at the university. There they would organise it into a booklet that could be printed and distributed at the memorial service. This way everybody could have a chance to share their thoughts and feelings with the congregation without actually having to speak at the service.

There were contributions made from many people who knew Natalie and whose lives she had touched, each reflecting on their memories of her and the times they had shared. Most of the tributes on this page have been taken from that book, others from readings at the service, however, all of them show what a special person Natalie was, and how highly people think of her, and will also help in keeping her memory alive.

If you knew Natalie & would like to add a tribute of your own, please email the trust with your words and we will post them on the website.