On Saturday 24th January, Natalie Naylor, a beautiful, intelligent and healthy 20 year old student tragically lost her life. Natalie was in her second year at Sussex University studying International Relations and had her whole life ahead of her.

Born on 28th December 1983, Natalie was instantly likable. She was a contented baby who brought much pleasure to everyone around her. She was quick to learn, especially talking, which gave an indication of what was to come in later life, as she became a very talkative and eloquent young lady. On January 9th 1987, Natalie became a sister as her brother James was born. James and Natalie developed a close relationship, which they continued to share throughout Natalie's life.

At play school on two separate occasions at Christmas, Natalie was slow to realise that Father Christmas was actually once her Uncle David, and once a close family friend. In hindsight this is surprising coming from a child who grew into the extremely perceptive and observant person that Natalie did. 
Natalie began her full time education at All Saints Primary School in Carshalton, and moved onto Wallington Girls High School. It did not take long for her intellect and quick wittedness to become apparent. She was a diligent and enthusiastic student and her successful exam results reflect this. Her dedication to her studies was put to its toughest test during her 'A' levels when her mum Christine was diagnosed with breast cancer. Christine and Natalie had an extremely close and loving relationship and as a result Natalie took the news very hard. But as was Natalie's nature, she proved to be a great source of strength and was supportive, caring and loving, as well as continuing to work hard and attaining the grades she needed to do her desired degree course at Sussex University.

One of Natalie’s greatest loves was horses. She began horse riding at an early age and got her first pony when she was seven. She was very passionate about her hobby and was a dedicated and caring horse owner. She owned several several ponies and horses throughout the years, most notably Flo and Echo. With Flo she began her pony club days at Cobham Pony Club, where she proved to be very popular and made many friends. Shortly after Natalie bought Echo, she moved to Mid Surrey Pony Club and was a very competitive and talented member. Natalie also attended camp at both branches of the Pony Club where she was always a happy, smiley face around the site. She had a lot of success in all areas including show jumping, which she represented the club at many times. Natalie’s partnership with Echo was very strong and successful and she was devastated when she had to sell him in order to go to university.

Natalie’s time at university proved to be as productive and fun as what had preceded it. She had always found making friends very easy as she had such an open, friendly attitude, and university was no exception. She got on well with the people in her halls of residence, one of who, Ayode, was soon to become her long-term boyfriend. She had a part time job in Dash in Brighton and worked at Buckingham Palace and the Epsom Derby in the summer after her first year. Natalie’s degree was going very well, as she approached it with the same enthusiasm that she had for all areas of her life. She had also joined the university women’s rugby team, whom she had played her first match for the day that she was taken ill.

Natalie was a source of inspiration to all that knew her. She had a caring and loyal nature, and a smile that could light up even the darkest of rooms. Natalie always liked to see the best in people and would always make time if somebody needed her. She was fun loving and had an opinion on everything, which she was not afraid to voice! That someone as special as her could be taken away so quickly and so cruelly is an impossible thing for anyone that knew her to be able to accept.

This trust fund has been set up by Natalie’s parents and close family friends in order to try to achieve something positive from such a sad loss. The charities that we have chosen to support are those that we believe Natalie would have chosen herself and that are important to her. It is our hope that through the events and activities organised by the trust, we can raise awareness of this devastating illness and go some way to prevent others having to suffer such a tragic loss.