Natalie Naylor Trust Fund Merchandise


The NNTF t-shirts have featured in many of the trust's events, they have been all around the world from Sussex to Santorini and are a must have for most trust fund events. On the front they post the trust fund emblem, a gold ribbon with the trust fund initials NNTF below, and on the back they have the trust's website address. Currently there are only black round neck t-shirts available though we are looking to have vests produced shortly for the summer season. The sizes available are small, medium, large and extra large.

£6.00 each.

Dinner & Dance Cup

These are NNTF cups. They have the logo's both sides with the NNTF web address on the back. Help publicize us by offering a cup of tea in our NNTF cup. If you would like one, they cost £8.00 with free delivery right to your door.


Memorial CD

Natalie's uncle Paul Bransome a talented musician has recorded a CD comprising some of his favourite Italian tracks in memory of Natalie. The compilation includes tracks such as Amor Ti Vieta, Nessun Dorma and also including the brilliant Nella Fantasia which he first performed live at the memorial tree planting service at Sussex University and then again later in the year at the annual dinner and dance. We ask for a minimum donation of: