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Memorial Tree & Bench

Tree Planting Memorial at Sussex University

On Friday 29th April a memorial service was held at Sussex University where Natalie was studying a degree in International Relations. The service was based around the planting of a tree and the placement of a bench next to it. During the service conducted by the Reverend Gavin Ashenden there were words said by Natalie's mother and father, Ayode Duroshola and Rosie Pomroy. At the end of the service everyone helped to fill the remaining hole each taking a handful of soil, this was done while Natalie's uncle Paul Bransome sung a beautiful piece of music that he has since performed at the Dinner Dance and recorded for sale for the trust fund. The tree is a symbol of life and will continue to blossom as a sign of what Natalie's future held. The bench with an engraved plaque commemorates Natalie's life and is a good place for current students, friends and family to go and sit for a little quiet reflection time. Both continue to reside in harmony within the grounds of the university where Natalie was so happy.

Sussex University Memorial Tree & Bench