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Tough Guy

Tough Guy - Sun 29th January

James??? A Tough Guy???

James hasn't been a tough guy since 2005!

One very cold morning in January on the 29th day in 2012. . . the rivers had ICE, the mud was SHARP and the pain ran DEEP! 

Yes, he did it! The Tough Guy competition in Perton (Wolverhampton) South Staffotrdshire.

Pictures to be added soon!

If you haven't seen the pictures from the first time in 2005, check them here Tough Guy 2005.


Dinner & Dance 2012

Unfortunalty, this years Dinner and Dance has been cacelled due to lack of numbers.
We will be back next year bigger and better!

You all have given us so much love and support and we want you to know how much we appreciate it.

It's been a busy year with the new arrival of baby Arabella Natalie Naylor to which Natalie would be an Auntie  to, and whose middle name was given in memory of dear Natalie.

Hopefully you will join us next year.
Many thanks
Natalie Naylor Trust Fund



Hello all.

My name is Lance Anderson and I'm a professional polo player and run LMA-polo.

I grew up in South Africa and have played in England for the last 10 years.

I have known the Naylor family for a few years and as well as being a kind and warm family, they run an amazing charity called the Natalie Naylor Trust Fund which raises money for meningitis and other charities close to Natalie’s heart.

To support their charity, I am entering into the spirit of MOVEMBER.

For those of you that haven't heard what this is, I am ditching my razor and not shaving my beard for the whole of November.

Please give to this amazing trust and enjoy watching my face slowly turn into something like this!!!!!!!!!!!!

At some point in life we all need to give something back..... now's the chance!

Please sponsor me via the JustGiving page below:

Keep up with me on facebook:

Meningitis Awareness

Chris Naylor spent a day at Croydon college during their health week, giving out literature and talking to students about meningitis and Natalie's story.

She's been invited back to talk to the students again and to continue to raise awareness of this terrible disease.