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Adidas 5K Women's Challenge

Adidas 5K Run - Hyde Park - Sunday 6th September 2009

Congratulations runners you did it!

Thank you to our great supporters who ran, walked or came along to carry the bags! It was a brilliant day and the sun even shone through occasionally. Celeste Mattey was definitely our fastest runner of the day and first over the line for the NNTF in 24 minutes, followed closely by Rosie Pomroy and Ceri Adams at 27 minutes. The rest of the NNTF followed not "too far" behind!!
Georgia, 14 years, was our youngest competitor and Harry Eames was our trust mascot of the day who took part in the kids challenge and went home with his own medal, just like his mum. James was Harry's guardian for the day and hopefully Harry hasn't gone home with too many bad habits, rumour has it upon asking James what is the men's version of this called, James swiftly replied 'the marathon'!

It was a very special day and a huge thank you to everyone for supporting in memory of our beloved Natalie, our brilliant team consisted of:

  1. Christine
  2. Celeste
  3. Rosie, Ceri
  4. Kirsty
  5. Jenny
  6. Janet
  7. Chris
  8. Angela
  9. Sarah
  10. Georgia
  11. Fiona B
  12. Fiona F
  13. Cathy
  14. Sandra
  15. Karen
  16. Lyn
  17. Lisa
  18. Steph
Well done you are all superstars, finally a big thank you to all those who sponsored the runners, your contribution means a lot to us!


Annual NNTF Dinner & Dance

The Annual NNTF Dinner & Dance @ The Reigate Manor Hotel - Friday 6th November

What happened...........?

Find out soon......!