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Rock Concert

Rock Concert - 17th Feb 2007

On Saturday 17th February Becky organised a ‘Valentines Dance’ at All Saints Community
Centre, West Ewell, which was very well supported. Thanks to the local rock band ‘Shooter’ who generously played their hearts out free of charge for the cause, every body was bopping the night away.
Fantastic food and a quirky raffle went down a treat. The local football team ‘Motor Racing Club Ewell’ was delighted to win a mascot crocodile, affectionately christened ‘Stevie I’, in the clubs colours, who is now looking forward to a trip to Amsterdam with the team.
The final number raised the roof, with Becky joining the band on bass guitar, and singing along to Nirvana’s ‘Smell’s Like Teen Spirit’. The evening raised a fabulous £1200, in addition to the total already raised by the Bring and Buy sale already held.


Becky Crayden's 70km Cuban Trek

Becky's Cuban Trek

A short report written for the website by hers truly

On 2nd March, I embarked on a trekking challenge in Cuba, to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer on behalf of the Trust Fund. Due to a change in itinerary, the distance was upped from 70km to 80km over a period of five days, and over mountainous terrain through rainforests.
After one day of preparation (seeing the sights of Havana!), the group of 18 girls and 1 guy started the trek in earnest, in blazing sunshine with soaring temperatures. However, this weather did not hold, and the first night saw the intrepid trekkers flooded out of their sleeping bags by a tropical storm.
After fighting with the other 18 trekkers over the one cold shower the next morning, the second days walking began, in high humidity and threatening clouds. And carried on . . .and on . . . and on . . . for 21km all uphill. It was a very strenuous day – there were lots of aching legs in camp that night!
So after a slightly more restful night sleeping out under the Cuban stars, the third day went without a hitch – aside from the stiff calf muscles, but these were soon loosened up by a good dose of rum and salsa dancing in the evening!

On the fourth morning – disaster struck! An injured knee slowed my progress somewhat, and the huge strapping and strong painkillers did nothing to improve my balance whilst trying to scramble up a practically vertical cliff face with not much but dirt to hold on to! There were some stunning views in the moments of respite though. But I finished the day in one piece and got back to the serious business of rum drinking and domino playing in the evening.

However, the fifth day was a different story. Despite some Reiki healing the night before, the pain kicked in with a vengeance, and I quickly fell behind the group. 

About a third of the way through the day I was seriously contemplating giving up, but I think Natalie gave me a bit of a talking to while I was in tears and having a rest staring at the Caribbean and dreaming of being on the beach. So I continued very slowly and finally made it to the end about half an hour behind the rest of the group, where they made a guard of honour with their walking poles across the bridge for me, where there was a VERY gratefully received welcome cocktail!!From here we went on to our beach resort and rested our weary limbs and made good use of the all-inclusive bar and the stunning beach for a few days before leaving for home.Despite living on a diet of rum, rusks and sick fruit for a week, and braving tropical storms, cold showers and sleeping in the open rainforest, and despite suffering from sunburn, aching muscles, an injured knee and nasty mosquito bites, the whole experience was absolutely fantastic. It gave me the opportunity to experience some beautiful scenery, in a unique country and to meet some lovely and inspirational people, all pushing themselves to complete the challenge in aid of such a worthwhile cause.


Adidas 5K Run

Hydro Active 5K Women's Challenge @ Hyde Park - Sunday 16th September

Who Ran?
What Happened?
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Annual Dinner & Dance

Annual NNTF Dinner & Dance @ Reigate Manor Hotel - Friday 3rd November

What Happened?
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