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Sponsored Walk - Ranmore Common

Sponsored Walk organised by Mick Payne - Saturday 1st April

Things looked ominous as we drove through monsoon like conditions to Ranmore Common, but we needn’t have worried. Natalie once again, as she seems to on all outdoor Trust Fund events, had a word with the weather Gods and we got out of the car under an increasingly blue sky. There was a breeze and the sun began to show its face, there were even a couple of walkers wearing shorts! - although one of them was Andrew Hagon, and he’s always had trouble dressing himself.

The car park became increasingly crowded as the 10.00 start time approached, starter Wendy Wrist struggled to check people in as organiser Mick “abacus” Payne has yet to work out how to produce a list in alphabetical order. The walk started just after ten with the Naylor family leading off an 80 plus, (if you count the four legged walkers), field - an absolutely magnificent turn out, and ranging in age from just turned 7 Jonathon Martin to Natalie’s 81 year old Granddad Bill Rackham.

Ayode Duroshola strides out leading the chasing pack. Though time did have to be spent taking in the breathtaking views!

The route largely followed the North Downs Way, a well signposted, well trodden recognisable path. James Naylor proving his university education isn’t going to waste when after half a mile ignored a sign saying “NORTH DOWNS WAY” and purposefully strode on – into the courtyard at Denbie’s Vineyard. He did however rejoin the correct route whereas Chris, Natalie and Katie Brittan did something similar and ended up wandering up and down the A24 for most of the morning.

Organiser Mick Payne had advertised the walk as a “challenging 8.5 miles”. Challenging is a relative term I suppose but the trail of wheezing broken bodies littered up Box Hill suggests Mick was once in the SAS. It was certainly worth the effort though as the views at the top were magnificent, the beautifully clear weather affording breathtaking views over Surrey. Walkers arrived in various states at the top but a special mention must be made for the Martin family as they summitted because they were led in by 7 year old Jonathon, followed by brothers Baron 11, Christopher 15 and a somewhat distressed dad Jeff – and the boys did it in wellies!! Chris Naylor was pulled up the hill at the end of a dog lead by Ayode, although he disappeared into the distance soon after, leaving poor Billy dog to have his lead put on to drag her up every subsequent incline. The siting of the drinks station at Box Hill viewing point was inspired as walkers could enjoy the view whilst refuelling and preparing for the next 5 miles. In fact the whole route was well chosen offering great views or passage through some lovely countryside, it really was a great walk.

Left: A well needed drinks break taken by many after conquering box hill, the reward for the climb clearly evident in the backdrop.

Salvation was at hand at the end of the route in the shape of The Sportsman pub. Proprietors Greg and Dawn Powell, who have been so supportive of Mick in organising the walk, further showed their wonderful generosity by organising a barbeque and donating all proceeds to the Fund. The quality of the food can be verified by the length of the queues and the fact they ran out of everything! The standard of the beer should also be mentioned, as it was by a number of people, and can be verified by the copious amounts of London Pride and Wadworth’s 6X that disappeared down the necks of people like Dennis Crayden, Trevor Byrne, Nick Mattey and Andrew Hagon. The Sportsman is certainly a quality pub run by quality people with a superb menu and beautifully kept beers.

As well as the food and drink there was further relief available to tired walkers. Fund Trustee Sue Crayden, unable to walk because of recent foot surgery, showed devotion above and beyond the call of duty, (others would call it stupidity), by offering a foot massage for £2.00 - although anything above the ankle would cost considerably more!

The fact that the weather held out so well meant the BBQ and drinks could be enjoyed at the tables outside and in the garden allowing walkers to be welcomed as they finished. The first finisher was Jonathan from the Barnes Hash House Harriers although he cheated by running!! But he can be forgiven as he’s in training for the marathon. The BHHH were well represented in the field and a big thank you goes to them for their support.

First walker home was Jim Alexander who finished in a time just under 2 and a half hours, his motivation being no-one pinched his seat in the pub.

Last ones in were Natalie’s aunt and uncle, Paul and Fiona Bransome and friend Erica who finally arrived at the pub some 5 and a half hours after the start, there were mitigating circumstances though. They had been walking with Bill Rackham whose 81 year old legs were having trouble negotiating the muddy terrain. Bill having conquered Box Hill was finally persuaded to accept a lift at Betchworth, a truly magnificent effort. This left the chaperones to continue on their own and pick up the pace. However, the marshals had already collected the red flags marking the route and this meant the intrepid trio took the wrong route. We received a call from Paul around 3 O’clock saying “the only ****** red flags he could see were on ****** greens”, Yes, they were in the middle of Walton Heath Golf Course, just a wee bit off course but luckily not too far from the pub.

A huge thank you must go to Mick Payne for his organisation of the event and for the marshals getting us, (well most of us), round safely. Another huge thank you to Greg and Dawn at The Sportsman, we couldn’t have wished for a better finishing venue. It was a great day and although it was certainly challenging I think it was a great walk that was enjoyed by most walkers as the following comments illustrate.


“Thoroughly enjoyable” – Phil Kitchener

“Absolutely knackering, I was windsucking after the first hill - next time a bit flatter please,” – Gina Kitchener

“Very enjoyable, pleased to have done it” – Jayne Meldon

“Enjoyed it!” – Angela & Lyn

“Mick Payne is a sadist” – Alan Johnson

“Very slippery, great fun though” – Leslie Kingsworth

“Too short, but thoroughly enjoyable” – Andy Sargeant

“Great fun. Very worthy cause. Marvelous” – Andrew Madrelle

“Enjoyable but challenging. See you next year” – Dave Rolfe

“Tough but I enjoyed it” – Joseph Bransome (aged 12)

“Make it a sodding pub crawl next time” – Andrew Hagon

“Loved the walk and barbeque” – Celeste Mattey

“The mud added another dimension” – Ramsey

“Fat people can enjoy it as well” – Nick Mattey

“Muddy, mucky, marvellous” – Ayode Duroshola“Enjoyable, sociable, challenging and rewarding. See you next year” – Patrick & Sasha

Although most bizarre quote must go to Angela Griffiths who volunteered:
“The mud up there is really dirty” begging the question where she goes for clean mud.

Obviously the prime reason for doing the walk was to raise money for the Natalie Naylor Trust Fund and indications are there will be an amazing sum raised, probably, in excess of £5000.


St Johns Church Sponsored Toddle Waddle

St Johns Church sponsored Toddle Waddle

'Toddle Waddle'

A big thank you to Nerissa Buckell and friends for organising the toddle waddle at St. John's church in Belmont. The event scheduled to take place outside was moved into the church as the weather forecast was threatening storms. The children all enjoyed their challenge which involved an obstacle course around the church, they were all rewarded with beautiful yellow ribbons and medals, expertly crafted by Nerissa. Chris Naylor was invited along and was warmly received by everyone, she spoke briefly about the Trust Fund and her family's experience of meningitis. The group went home with a meningitis awareness leaflet and a yellow ribbon, the day was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all.


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Race Night - Langley Vale Village Hall

Race Night at Langley Vale Village Hall - Friday 15th September

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Annual Dinner & Dance

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