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All Saints Primary School present NNTF with a cheque for £825


James Naylor Tries To Be A "TOUGH GUY"

James Naylor's Tough Guy Challenge - Sunday 30th January

In His Words

On Sunday 30th January 2005 I took part in an event called Tough Guy, primarily an ordeal best suited to elite athletes and the insane.
However in the name of charity I decided to give it a go, although the run was long the obstacles ludicrously big and the water BLOODY FREEZING, I completed the course in 2hours 27minutes.

Apart from a bit of cramp, some barbed wire lacerations and slight hypothermia it wasn't too bad and with a bit of bad luck I may be doing it again next year, with the company of father Naylor.
A big thanks to all those who helped me in my errr months of training ahem...and a real thank you to all you who sponsored me, in the end raising a brilliant £450. Below are some pictures of me enjoying the wonderful assault course, and despite some of the facial expressions I am enjoying it!


All Saints Hold A Rainbow Day

Natalie's old primary school, All Saints hold a "Rainbow Day" - Friday 11th February 2005

Check back for details on this event!!!


Can't Cook Won't Cook

The Pampered Chef evening of 'Can't cook won't cook' organised by Jennie Eames and family - Friday 18th March 2005

Can't cook won't cook

The Pampered Chef evening of 'Can't cook won't cook' organised by Jennie Eames and family was a great success. 'Pamela' from the Pampered Chef kept the audience interested and amused with her kitchen equipment!!

Chris Naylor and Nick Mallet were the volunteers for the evening's entertainment. Nick showing his mastery of culinary skills winning the votes from the audience with more votes on his tomatoes than Chris with her peppers. The end result was delicious and we all tucked into a portion of broccoli and ham ring.
The range of useful kitchen utensils captured most people and orders were placed generously. The evening raised over £100 for the Trust fund and a big thank you to all who supported the event.


Race Night - Langley Vale Village Hall

A Race Night Is Held at Langley Vale Village Hall - Saturday 16th April 2005

On Saturday 16th April NNTF hosted a race night, The event organised by Sue and Dennis Crayden was a huge success and raised over £1600. The night consisted of 6 races one every 15 minutes, with tickets being sold at just £1 a go, there were reports of some notorious gamblers "lumping on" often to no avail though! The last race was different as the horses numbered 1-6 were allocated names that Natalie's horses had and with a few spaces left the Watkins "Cavy" and the Crayden's "Goldie" made guest appearances, but with Echo and kind alike it was going to be a tough race. As an extra fund raiser I myself (James) took responsibility of auctioning the horses off to the crowd, with the winning owners receiving trophy's and other prizes. In all a great night was had, with many thanks going to those who sponsored the races and to the kind people who prepared all the food. Another race night is in the pipeline, and this time the race commentary should be heard, as this was a slight problem for those at the back, apologies!


Christine Showjumping - Mid Surrey Pony Club

Christine takes part in a show jumping class at the Mid Surrey Pony Club - Monday 30th May 2005

Christine's Show Jumping Challenge

On Monday 30th May Christine (Natalie's Mother) took part in a showjumping class at the mid-Surrey pony club open show. She successfully completed the course and even jumped a few extra for the crowd. Christine had been training for the event for over 6 months at the nearby Wildwoods riding stables, who she would like to thank for the encouragement and support and also for lending big Brannigan for the day's events. In total Christine raised a magnificent £712 in sponsorship money, since then she has completed a more adventurous 2"6 class at Wildwoods, in which I believe Christine received her first rosette being placed 5th. Below is a picture of Christine and Brannigan in action.


Jennie Eames - Chocolate Challege

Jennie Eames Begins Her Chocolate Challenge - Thursday 1st September 2005

Chocolate Challenge

From today the 1st September, Jennie Eames a close friend of Natalie's will be giving up chocolate along with another friend until Christmas Day, and if you know Jennie you shall know how challenging this will be, if you would like to sponsor Jennie for her ongoing challenge, please follow the link below and it will take you straight to the website where you can do so.

You can still sponsor Jennie even now just click here


5K Hydro Women's Challenge

The NNTF Take Part In The 5K Hydro Active Women's Challenge - Sunday 4th September 2005

Who ran?

Check back soon to find out!


Debbie Does Amsterdam

Debra Bunt, an ex work colleague of Natalie's dad, has for a long time shown signs of insanity!

1. She supports Arsenal,
2. She works for Prospects and most seriously...
3. She runs marathons.

However despite this madness she has a heart of gold and offered to run the 2005 Amsterdam Half Marathon in aid of the Trust.So last October she pounded the streets of Amsterdam raising a wonderful £145. Here is her report of the day.

OK - details of my ordeal! The weather was stunning - really sunny for October - no kidding!

I arrived pretty shattered as the flight left at 6.30 am so we were up by 4am!!! Not a good start. And to make it worse we just had to do some serious sight seeing on arrival. Not ideal training or preparation!!! Paula Radcliffe doesn't have this to contend with, I'm sure.

As well as the half marathon, there was a full one going on and a fun run so the atmosphere was pretty good. We started outside the Amsterdam Arena, ran through a dreary backstreet industrial site and into town where we saw windmills (well, one actually) and canals and the Rijksmuseum which was cool! By the time I reached 7 miles I realised I was going to be struggling and the inadequate training plus the half a stone in weight I'd put on were, in fact, going to be of a handicap than a help!!!! I puffed and panted on, cursing myself for my stupidity but remembering why I was doing this run.

Observations? Never again - I said that after the London Marathon and after a couple of other half marathons but this time I MEANT IT!!!!!

Seriously, by the time I'd reached the finish line I was absolutely shattered and a very different facial colour to that which I'd started out with. But the finish was fantastic - we ran into the Amsterdam Arena to be greeted by cheering crowds and a man with a loudspeaker who randomly selected my number to call out: thus all I could hear as I ran into the ground was 'here comes Deb Bunt from South Croydon' and the cheering crowds!!

Once round the track and over the finish line; medal in hand, water in mouth and feeling both chuffed and pooped!

My time? 2.08 which was not as good as I'd hoped but I made it over the finish line in more or less one piece. And a picture? Oh no! That's your lot!!!!!

Debra X


Reigate Manor Dinner & Dance

Annual Dinner & Dance Held At Reigate Manor Hotel - Friday 4th November 2005

After the success of last year's event and by popular demand the dinner and dance was once again back at the Reigate Manor Hotel. The evening again began with a drinks reception with Steve Watkins being remarkably weary of that "fucks bizz".

2005 - Dinner & Dance

As the clock approached eight everyone took their places in the main suite to be served a 3 course meal. As the majority enjoyed their food and delved in fine wine, the work horses on table 1 were preparing the tickets from the raffle that had been sold between courses. Once the meal was finished the raffle draw took place, some interesting draws took place with John Meadows winning the prize he donated, kindly re-donated after. However the star prize saw Pam and Dave Jones win a weeks holiday to Spain courtesy of the Crayden's and Monarch airlines. After the raffle we moved on to the part of the evening where everyone could reflect on why we were all there. A short film created by Abby Watkins was accompanied by a live singing performance from Natalie's uncle Paul Bransome. Paul had been working in the recording studio to record a selection of tracks to form an album that he would like to donate all the proceeds from to the trust fund. If you would like a copy of this CD please click here