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Mid Surrey Pony Club Raffle

The Mid Surrey Pony Club held a raffle at their AGM, which raised a BRILLIANT £240

The Mid Surrey Pony Club  is where Natalie spent many many days and made some great friends. They have superb facilities at the Pony Club Field in Hurst Road. Click here for a link to their site.
Mid Surrey Branch was established in 1931. They have a current membership of approximately 200.

Natalie took part in rallies, activities, team training, shows and inter branch team competitions here.

A big thanks to the Pony Club for their support.

February & March

Sussex University - Ribbon Day

Sussex University hold Ribbon Days on Campus - from Tuesday 7th February to and throughout March

Sussex University organised several yellow ribbons days on campus throuout February & March to raise money for the NNTF.

Click here for the link to Sussex Unversity website write up on how & what they did.

Quote from Sussex University website, Lizzie Brown, rugby team captain, said:

 "The women's rugby team was fortunate enough to have Natalie join us this season as a new recruit. She was a bubbly, happy and beautiful girl. By wearing the yellow ribbons, we can keep Natalie with us and, at the same time, raise awareness about meningitis in the hope of preventing such a tragedy happening again. We urge everyone to buy a ribbon or make a donation to help us celebrate Natalie and raise money to help research the illness that so cruelly stole our friend."

The total raised tallied up to a staggering £4000.00

Big thanks to you all for your support.


Lingfield Races - Ribbon Day

Lingfield Races Grant Ribbon Day sale at Meeting - Friday 26th March

On Friday 26th March 2004, Lingfield Races very kindly granted the trust permission to publicise itself and to sell ribbons at one of their meetings. This day was chosen as Sachin, a horse which the family own as part of a syndicate, was racing. Natalie had a keen interest in racing, but sadly never got to see Sachin run. 

Yellow ribbons were sold at the racecourse and the trust was also publicised on the racing channel Attheraces, which encouraged some donations from viewers, taking the amount raised to approximately £70.

Many thanks to all who contributed


Dorking Equestrian Centre Horse Show

Dorking Equestrian Centre host Horse Show & Raise £700 - Sunday 28th March

The Natalie Naylor Trust Open Show Jumping Competition

A successful day was had by all at Dorking Equestrian Centre on Sunday 28th March 2004. The competition was organised by the Perren Family, close friends of Natalie’s as a tribute to an enthusiastic Pony and Riding club member. Natalie represented Reigate Riding Club at National Level successfully competed at Malvern in 1999 and 2000, she also competed for the Mid Surrey Pony Club in Show Jumping, Dressage and Horse Trials.
This was the first equestrian event organised in support of The Natalie Naylor Trust. Forty horses and ponies competed in six individual classes; this resulted in two hundred rounds of competitive show jumping being completed. The Trust Fund has adopted a yellow ribbon with the slogan "Wear a special ribbon for a special girl" as a symbol for the trust. Many competitors wore them proudly on their Show Jackets.

The show attracted many spectators; the horses and riders competed to an encouraging and spirited audience. Senior members of The Cobham Pony Club came along to show their support and helped with the running of the show. There was a fantastic atmosphere this helped to encourage younger members to enjoy the show jumping.

The day was enhanced by a lunch time B-B-Q and Raffle. There was a generous raffle, which enabled most people to go home with a prize.

A points system operated throughout the day. Points were awarded for positions one to six for each class. The rider/horse combination with the most points won the overall Championship Trophy.

A presentation was made by Emma Perren, who wanted to thank everyone for coming and supporting the show. Christine Naylor was invited to present the special burgundy and pink "Natalie Naylor" rosettes. They were awarded by Christine to all riders competing in the classes.

The day ended with a final presentation of the Championship Trophy. The keenly contested championship was won by Rosie Absalom riding "Go With The Flo" with a total of forty-six points, two ahead of Sam Peers riding "Sultan". This was a fitting and poignant end to the show as "Go With The Flo" was Natalie’s first competition pony.

The show was an outstanding success and over £700 was raised for The Natalie Naylor Trust Fund. The Naylor Family felt the day was a great success, professional, well organised and a tremendous tribute to their beloved daughter. A deep appreciation to the Perren family and their helpers for all their hard work and support in making it such a wonderful day.

Show Jumping Results: The Natalie Naylor Trust Open Show Jumping
28th March 2004

Dorking Equestrian Open Showjumping Competition.docx


Coffee Morning

The parents of a university friend of Natalie's held a coffee morning which raised £240 for Meningitis Trust

Check back soon for more info on this event!


Barclays Bank - Liverpool

Barclays Bank in Liverpool had a charity day and raised an excellent £480

Check back soon for more info on this event!


Dash Sell Ribbons

Dash in Brighton, where Natalie worked part time, began to sell ribbons as an ongoing event and have so far raised approximately £440

Check back soon for more info on this event!


Charity Gig with Band "Bloom"

Family friend organised a charity gig with the band Bloom which raised approximately £75

Check back soon for more info on this event!


Symbolic Balloon Release

There was a symbolic release of yellow balloons in schools and workplaces on a world wide scale, ribbons were sold to raise funds - Thursday 17th June

Balloon Release

'Today we remembered Natalie and raised awareness of Meningitis via a balloon release. This was arranged for the U.K. Australia, Canada, Hawaii and the USA. Christine, Graham and friends of Natalie attended her old schools in Wallington. Her Grandparents and family friends attended one in Ewell. This was a very moving sight when 20 yellow balloons, one for each year of Natalie's time with us were released. The children's reaction was lovely to see, especially as they all had their yellow ribbons on. 

We sold out of ribbons the day was such a success and had to recycle them from the teachers for resale. More balloon events are being planned for the start of the Autumn term.'

We will put up the amount raised as soon as we have the final amount. Many thanks to all.


Durham University - "The Life of Brian"

Durham University drama group Stage Production of Monty Python's "The Life of Brian" - Sun 20th & Wednesday 23rd June

"The Life of Brian - a Favourite of Natalie's"

Organised by Celeste Mattey

In memory of Natalie Naylor an outdoor stage production of the Life of Brian was performed at St Mary’s College in Durham on the 20th and 23rd of June. On both days there was a big turn out and the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Well that's what they said! Half way through the first performance it started to pour with rain, the cast was not deterred and the second half of the play took place with the actors outside in the rain and the audience on the stage in the shelter. Fortunately the cast did not become ill and were all able to perform in the second performance where the weather was kinder and took place in glorious sunshine. All the cast attached yellow ribbons to their togas and a stand was set up covered with pictures of Natalie and posters about Meningitis. The event was a great success as the audience laughed throughout the play and great interest was taken in the fund and five hundred and thirty pounds was raised for it.


Sussex University - Brighton Races

A race was sponsored by the University of Sussex in Natalie's memory at Brighton races - Tuesday 29th June

Brighton Racecourse

Today Brighton Racecourse held a race meeting, which included a race sponsored by the University of Sussex. 

The "Natalie Naylor Memorial Stakes" was run at 4:30. Before the race, Christine and Graham were asked to pick the winner for the "Best Turned Out" in the race. The day was especially poignant as one of the runners "Hard To Catch" had been a winner for Natalie the last time she had gone racing. The race proved to be an exciting one, and a few of us were lucky with the bookies. 

The event was reported by Meridian news and in the Argus, with the Fund being well represented and as ever plenty of yellow ribbons in evidence. A pleasant afternoon was had by all who attended.


Fun Day at the Mid Surrey Pony Club

Rounders and BBQ fun day with bouncy castle and other entertainment in the Mid Surrey Pony Club Field - Saturday 3rd July

After a week of cloudy skies and rain at Wimbledon, at 4pm the clouds broke and the sun shone, and friends and relatives gathered at the pony club field for a B B Q and rounders match. 

Two bouncy castles and a coconut shy provided alternative exercise. 

Fiona made a beautiful horsy cake and there was a competition to name it. This, along with 'guess the weight of the cake', 'how many sweets in the jar' and a raffle raised a fantastic total of £540.00. 

A big thanks to Gina and Wendy who organised this and made it such a big success.


Race Day at Brighton

There was a race day and family fun day at Brighton racecourse, with some money being donated to the trust - Sunday 4th July

Race day and Family Fun day at Brighton Race Course

Today Brighton Racecourse had their annual family day, with an afternoon of racing and other attractions including face painting, a bouncy castle and big screen to watch the men’s final at Wimbledon. Despite the inclement weather, a good number of people turned out to represent the Trust Fund, complete with smart new NNTF t-shirts. The grandstand and grounds were decorated with yellow ribbons and there were two stalls set up to provide information about the Trust Fund and meningitis awareness, and to sell raffle tickets.

Epsom racing trainer Terry Mills drew the raffle after the fourth race. This was particularly appropriate as Terry had known Natalie and he said a few words about her. The raffle included some wonderful prizes, kindly donated by the likes of Epsom Racecourse, Corals bookmakers, Denbies Vineyard and others.
Besides the raffle, there was also a collection at the end of the day. When the stands and the grounds had cleared, a few of those representing NNTF released some yellow balloons over the racecourse and watched them float away over the South Downs and out towards the sea.
The total for the day came to a staggering and fabulous £1100 in total. Many, many thanks to everybody who made this event so enjoyable and successful, whether it was by manning the stalls, making ribbons or buying a raffle ticket. Natalie would have been very proud (especially of those of us who did the collection in the pouring rain!!)


Holiday in Santorini

Family and friends spent a holiday in Santorini. This had been arranged before Natalie died and it was felt that she would still like us to go to the island

Santorini Holiday

'Family and friends spent a holiday in Santorini in August this had been arranged before Natalie died and it was felt that she would like us still to go to the island where she spent all her holidays with Gill and her family.

Eighteen of us went and we had a lovely time there. We all felt that Natalie was very close to us,

Santorini is a stunning island and Oia, where Gill lives, is as unique as Natalie was. Any one who knew Natalie would see why she felt so at home there.

On Friday 6th August 21 of us hired donkeys and wearing our NNTF t-shirts we rode to the beach for a picnic.

The ride took about 40 minutes in the punishing Greek sunshine and the swim when we got there was very refreshing.

Natalie would have loved such an original excursion.


Westbourne Primary School's Yellow Day

Westbourne Primary 

School held a Wear Something Yellow Day - Friday 10th September

Wear Something Yellow Day

The parents, children and teachers at Westbourne primary school produced a fantastic effort in making ‘Wear Something Yellow Day’ 

on Friday 10 September such a memorable and moving occasion. The children looked brilliant in their various shades of yellow, decked out from top to toe sporting yellow hair bands, ribbons, shirts, shorts, socks and even yellow hair! We even had a home made designer T-shirt in Thames class, they created a picture of sunshine around the school

A special assembly remembered Natalie and other children around the world who are poorly or in distress. Classes made a big effort to fit the yellow theme into their busy timetables and many children went home with collages of yellow pictures.

The parents’ generosity raised a magnificent £880 for the Natalie Naylor Trust Fund. A big thank you to everyone for their love and support and for making the day such a huge success and a wonderful tribute to our beloved daughter.

Every child went home, courtesy of Meningitis Research Foundation, with a meningitis information and symptoms leaflet to encourage awareness and help fight this terrible disease


Horseman's Sunday - Epsom Downs

Friends of Natalie's represented NNTF on Horseback in Parade - Sunday 26th & Monday 27th September

Horseman’s Sunday

 An event in which Natalie regularly took part in

Sunday 26th September

Under a grey but thankfully rain free sky, a whole host of people gathered on the undulating hills of Epsom Downs to listen to the yearly service given in honour of the horse. However, this year, the service was also in honour of Natalie. She had attended this event for as long as I can remember and it seemed very fitting that she should be remembered on the hills that she rode across on so many occasions on so many horses.
Family and friends gathered and yellow ribbons were handed out to every body there, even some of our equine friends were sporting them! The service was lovely and due to the compassion with which it was delivered, it felt as if everyone there was there just for Natalie. The moving prayer that was written by Abby Watkins displayed so well the love that Natalie had for her horses and the connection between them

Thank you for the life you gave to Natalie, which, although short, was filled with her love for horses. They provided her with limitless joy and brought her love, friendship and happiness. For the people she has left behind we will always hold our own memories of her deep in our hearts. Seeing a horse will remind us of the happy times we spent together. Let us not forget the years Natalie spent with horses and how much they meant to her. She possessed a love for them that will never end, and our memories of that love will never fade. As long as we keep them safe inside us, we can picture her standing close by.
We thank you for the beauty and unconditional love and loyalty of the horses that touched Natalie’s life. Look into a horse’s eye and we will see their soul. Look deep inside our hearts and we will find Natalie smiling back. We will hold her spirit close and know she is never far away. As long as we keep a special place in our hearts for these beautiful creatures, Natalie, and her love for horses, will always be with us."

After the service, those of us on horse back lead the way through the parade to represent the Trust Fund amid clapping and cheers in Natalie’s honour.

After the horses had all been put to bed or out to grass, all those that attended on behalf of the fund, met for a social in a pub overlooking that most famous of equine landmarks, Tattenham Corner. It was a nice way to end an emotional, but nonetheless pleasant morning.

Many thanks to those who came to support, and especially to Abby for writing such a wonderful tribute to such a special person.

Sachin wins!
Monday 27th September

Today Sachin, the race horse owned by Christine and Graham and family friends as part of a syndicate, ran in the 4.10 at Bath. As we watched Sachin thundering home the words of Beckys poem, which she read at the memorial service, ran through the minds of all of us present.

'Now Sachin is our potential star, a racehorse with some flair,
When he passes the winning post we know Natalie will be there'.

Both the Sunday and Monday were fantastic days in very different ways but we all felt Natalie close by.


Mid Surrey Pony Club Hunter Trial

The Mid Surrey Pony Club - "Jump Judging" - Sunday 10th October

Despite the gloomy predictions for the day, the forecast proved to be fortuitously incorrect and the day was bright and breezy at the Mid Surrey field.

The event was extremely well supported and went off without a hitch. It was lovely to see so many of Natalie’s friends there either competing or jump judging. (to those that have never experienced the delights of jump judging, it really is a true measure of friendship to sit in the middle of a field in the middle of October looking at a jump for a whole day with nothing but a packed lunch for company!)

Natalie’s old faithful pony Flo was placed 5th in the 2’3" class ridden by Emma Perren who was a close friend of hers so this was quite a poignant result. A wide spectrum of ages and abilities all came together to support the Trust Fund and served to create a wonderful atmosphere.
A fantastic sum of over £1300 was raised and huge thanks go firstly to all at Mid Surrey for their continued support and friendship, and also to everyone else who helped to make the day such a tremendous success.


Dinner & Dance & Grand Prize at Reigate Manor Hotel

Our very first Dinner & Dance, and Grand Prize Draw - Friday 22nd October

Reigate Manor Hotel was the chosen venue for The Trust Fund’s Dinner Dance held Friday 22nd October. Over 150 family and friends joined together and shared a very special evening in memory of Natalie. Apart from the dinner which was excellent, there was a raffle and an auction, the latter called very confidently by James, who managed to get people to bid for all sorts of unlikely items! Footballs and skips to name but a few -

Raising in total the impressive sum of £2700.

Chris and Graham both spoke about how much strength and support the friends and family working for Natalie’s trust fund gave to them and to James, and that it was this that helped them get through their hours and days.

Abby Watkins then shared her short film about herself and Natalie when they were at the pony club, the friendship they shared and the world they embraced for much of their childhood. We all stared as Natalie laughed and smiled that smile - for a brief moment back amongst us.

Thank you everybody for making the evening such a wonderful expression of love for Natalie and her family and don’t forget to plant your crocus bulbs so that they will multiply too.