Gab Gab
December 29, 2007

Lisa Flower and Jenni French

Me, Jo, and Jodi

A cool, huge anchor

An example of leading lines (for my yearbook students). To the left of this rock barrier was amazing snorkeling. To the right was a shallower, sandier area where we could go swimming.

Patty caught an octopus!

Jodi chilling out on the beach

Elizabeth preparing to ride on Mike's jet ski. I got to jet ski for the first time that day. It was so fun! Mike even let me drive!

Future yearbook staffer, Jeremiah Babin chronicles the event.

You know how hard it is to get a picture of a rainbow? I try everytime I see one and this is the first one to come out fairly decent. I like the composition of this shot.

The huddled masses yearning to breath free before we disbanded after the downpour. Jodi's expression in this picture cracks me up!