"Elements of Revival"

Preached by Dr. Les Ollila on Sunday, October 14, 2007  

 I. A preacher
   A. Scriptural--Nehemiah 8:1-5, Ezra 7: 6, 10
   B. Steadfast--Nehemiah 8:4-5, Ezra 10:9
      --study the end of Ezra and his stand against the problems in Israel
   C. Spiritual--Nehemiah 8:10
      --what has brought you the most joy in your life?
II. Preaching
   A. Brought conviction--Nehemiah 8:6
      --When you are convicted, respond
      --How many times have you been convicted about sin and you have not obeyed?
      --You cannot kill the conscience
      --Every time God revealed Himself to His people and people saw themselves for who they were, there was physical movement, usually downward, and often in the sight of other people
   B. Preaching must lead to confession--Nehemiah 9:1-3
      --Read God's Word for 4 hours at a time and confessed sin and how god was working--this meeting went on for over 20 days
      --How badly do you want to have a clear conscience between God and man?
      --Get rid of the bondage and hurt
   C. Commitment and Change--Nehemiah 9:14-18
      --Obedience brings great gladness
III. People
   A. Hungry--Nehemiah 8:3, 9:1-2
      --The people stood for half a day to listen to God's Word
      --Truly hungry and thirsty after God
   B. Honest--Nehemiah 8:6
   C. Humble--Nehemiah 8:6, II Chronicles 7:14
   D. Holy--Nehemiah 9:2--became distinct again and separated from the world