"The Spirit-filled Family"

Preached by Dr. Ollila on Thursday, October 18, 2007 


II Timothy 3:1-3, Genesis 1:26, I Peter 3:1-7

How can we preserve the family in these last days? 

God gave Adam a responsibility, a restriction, and a relationship 

 --leave (severance) --> cleave (permanence)

--Three-fold aspect of unity

1. Holy relationship--growing as Christians (oneness of spirit)

2. Happy relationship--thinking as Christ (oneness of mind)

3. Healthy relationship--total transparency (oneness of body)

Can we as Christians today have the kind of marriage relationship that Adam and Eve had before the fall? Yes, but both have to be growing, Spirit-filled Christians.

The Spirit-filled Woman (I Peter 3:1-6)

--The most difficult place to live a consistent Christian life is at home

--Submission does not mean the woman is a lesser being; she is a special being

--Pattern seen in the Trinity and is reflected in the home, government, and church

The Wife's Responsibility:

1. Action--the actions of the wife reflecting Bible truth will change her husband when her preaching the Word will not

--v. 1--"the word" in Greek = "a word"

2. Adoration

--"Coupled with fear" = reverence, high esteem

3. Adornment--outward

4. Attitude--comes from within

--impossible without the Spirit's filling

--What communicates more loudly? Your actions or words?

5. Attention (v. 6)

--Discerning a need and being very sensitive to that need 

6. Answered prayer (v. 7)

3 Things a Woman Can Do:

1. Accept him

2. Adapt to him ("don't say 'I do' and then set out to redo") 

3. Admire him


The Spirit-filled Man

Ephesians 5:18-33, I Peter 3:7

Deuteronomy 24:5--takes time to build the relationship

Man is responsible to

1. Live with her -->Time

--Have to take advantage of the time you have

--Ex. Erma Bombeck's article "Why don't you grow up? And they will"

2. Learn about her --> Be thoughtful

--A woman has to have security and God will give you wisdom

--Greatest security = spiritual leadership

3. Love her --> Be tender

--Teach children to honor her by how you treat her

4. Lead her --> Be a testimony

--Need to lead spiritually

--Wife and children know you spend time with the Lord

5. Laugh with her --> Be tickled

--Play games, sing together, praise the Lord together

--The home needs to be a place of healing and rest; takes a spirit-filled husband, wife and children for this to work