"Lessons from a Caveman"

Preached by Dr. Ollila on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 

"I am becoming what I will be"

Genesis 19:29--ended up a caveman

I. Lot's chance was great 

--Lot had a good family connection-the godliest man alive viewed him as a friend and nephew

--Lot was very rich--flocks, herds, tents (v. 6,7-9)

II. Lot's conflict

--Conflicts don't make us what we are; conflicts reveal who we are. 

--Conflict as the result of plenty

III. Lot's choice

--lifted = gazing (v. 10)

--chose what he gazed upon

--how careful are you about your gaze and choices?

--what became his gaze became a lifestyle (v. 12)

--supposed to be temporary, but it became permanent

IV. Lot's consequences

--nothing left

--failures are never final as long as God's grace is operable

--father of two warring nations