"Laboring to be Accepted"

Preached by Dr. Ollila on Monday, October 15, 2007 

II Corinthians 5:9

"Life is a dash between two dates"

I. Paul's motive

--I Cor. 3:10--how you build 

--How you do things and why you do them are important to God

A. Realization of accountability at the Bema seat (II. Cor. 5:10)

--I Cor. 9--only one could win, but every believer can be crowned

--Christ never saved us by grace that we might live in disgrace

--II Peter 1:11

B. Fear of the Lord (constant awareness of His presence) = holding God in awe

--II Cor. 5:11 

--being responsible to obey him (Deuteronomy 5)

--terror of the Lord

--Do you fear God's name?

--How you perceive God determines how you will live 

C. Love of Christ (v. 14)

--constrain = Christ's love for Paul

--I John--we love God because he first loved us

II. Paul's ministry

--Peace has been made between God and man

A. Propitiation--Altar (ceremonial)

--Jesus Christ satisfied the needs of sinners

B. Redemption--Marketplace (commercial)

C. Justification--Courtroom (judicial)

D. Reconciliation--Family (personal)

III. Paul's Mindset (Phil. 2:5)

A. Christ-centered, not self-entered

--There's no time for half-hearted living. There must be complete abandonment. 

--If my last week were journaled, what would be read?

B. Inward, not outward--II Cor. 4:16

--feed the inward man (truly refreshing)

 C. Eternal, not temporal

--II Cor. 4:17-18

--"This world is not my home" (Mt. 7)