"How Dreams Become Reality"

Preached by Dr. Ollila on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 

Genesis 37

Champions in life become champions one choice at a time. 

I. Joseph had a conviction before he faced a crisis

A. His teen years

1. He had a pattern not to conform to evil (Gen. 37:2)

2. Not to conceal evil (v.2)

3. Not to contend with those who hurt him

4. Not to complain about his circumstances

B. His purpose for life

1. A different drive--goals

2. A different dress--coat of many colors

3. A different dream--longterm view

II. He had a fear of God and a fervant love for God (Gen. 39:9b)

 A. The Word of God is a must

B. The worship of God is a must

C. The works of God must be reviewed

III. He had a sincere loyalty to authority

A. He accepted reponsibility

B. He accepted restraint

C. He enjoyed relationships

--restored his brothers

D. He enjoyed reaping the benefits of right choices