"Business Lessons from an Unjust Servant"

 Preached by Dr. Ollila on Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Luke 16: 1-13

There's a difference between achievement and fullfilment

I. Be spiritual in your finances 

A. Friendship with widows, fatherless, poor (James 1:27, Job 24:4)

B. Furtherance of the gospel and fruit that is eternal (Luke 16:9, Phil. 4:17-18)

--unjust steward had foresight to plan for what was ahead

--church of Phillip was like a supporting church that money and supplies as needed

--those who don't give don't believe in God's promises

II. Be steadfast in your faithfulness (Luke 16: 10-12)

A. Behind the scenes things (v. 10)

--have to know of brokenness and hurting to be able to be used by God in great ways

B. With money (v. 11)

C. With other possessions (v. 12)

III. Be single in your focus

--Luke 16:13, Mt. 6:19-24

--Colossians 4:14

A. Dethrone materialism--mammon

B. Dedicate your whole heart to God