Preached by Dr. Ollila on Sunday p.m. October, 14, 2007 


Anger is a difficult sin to detect even with the person who has the sin problem.

Anger produces a hight stress hormone that harms the body. 

Moses had a temper that he never completely dealt with.

I. Causes of anger (Numbers 20:1)

A. Personal Pain--Miriam's death

--What is in your life that causes you pain? It may be the hook Satan uses that causes you loss of joy.

B. People Pressure (Numbers 20:3-6)

--600,000 men were screaming at Moses

--Who is causing you inward anger?

--Naomi was angry at her circumstances and that turned into bitterness. She was bitter because she left Israel. Called Marah because she was full and came back empty. 

--"Failures are never final as long as the God of grace is operable."

  1. II. Countenance of anger

A. Sarcastic words (Numbers 20:7)

--Often spoken against loved ones

B. Self-centered focus (v. 10)

--Most anger is caused because someone has upset your norm

--Made their complaining a personal affront rather than realizing that they were angry at God

--Devotions are not the  issue, our response to irritation is the issue. Moses and Aaron had very good God and I time that morning (v. 6)

C. Striking Physically

--anger costs greatly

III. Calamity of Anger

A. Diverted from God's plan

B. Marred God's picture (I Cor. 10:4)

C. Denied God's Prize (Num. 20:11)

--What have I been denied because of anger?

IV. Cure for Anger

A. Face it

--repression = lying to yourself

--supression = lying to others

--expression = outburst

--confession = God's way (for there to be confession there has to be swallowing of pride)

B. Focus on God

--God is in control of all circumstances

--God is conscious of all my needs (Psalm 103)

--God is concerned about all my burdens (I Peter 5:7)

C. Fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, gentleness, faith, temperance, longsuffering, goodness, meekness)

--relationship with God, others, myself

--Ask yourself why things are bothering you. What are you lacking that is causing you to respond the way you are?