Natalia Silberstein

I am a Research Scientist at Yahoo Research, in the Native Ad Science group. I am involved in the design and improvements of  algorithms that control personalized native ad selection.
Before joining that group, I was with the Mail Mining group, primarily analyzing and modeling mail data to devise novel mail features.


I completed my PhD on "Coding Theory and Projective Spaces" at the Technion, Computer Science Department, under the supervision of Prof. Tuvi Etzion in 2011. I then joined Prof. Sriram Vishwanath's Wireless Networking and Communications Group at the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Texas, Austin, as a Postdoctoral Fellow, focusing on coding for distributed storage systems.

Research areas

Advertising science, machine learning, coding for distributed storage systems, random network coding, algebraic error-correcting codes, applications of combinatorial designs and graphs to coding theory.

Contact information
Matam Park, Tower 3
7th Floor. Haifa 31905, Israel
E-mail: natalias @ verizonmedia .com

My list of publications by DBLP  and by Google Scholar

Ph D Thesis
Coding Theory and Projective Spaces
Advisor: Prof. T. Etzion
Computer Science, Technion 2011

M. Sc. Thesis

Properties of Codes in the Johnson Scheme.  Advisor: Prof. T. Etzion
Applied Mathematics, Technion, 2007 [pdf]


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