Hello, I'm Natalia Ruiz Berenguer and I'm 16 years old. 
In my free time I like to play tennis, listening to music and drawing. I enjoy watching films especially thriller flims, 
by the way I love watching thriller and horror series. 
I had a good time in Canterbury and London so I think I'll travel more in the future to learn new and differents cultures.



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To conmemorate the 4th centenary of the death of William Shakespeare we are working in some amazing projects. 
We've learn a lot of the plays of him, also, about his life and where he lived.
I find it quite interesting because I didn't know so much about his life and his plays.
Although we worked a lot it was also funny. 
The part that I liked most is to record videos with the croma. By the way, we used differents tools such as google docs or croma. In addition, we worked doing monologues about Shakespeare's plays and also we practised listening, reading, writing and speaking.
It is a funny and useful way to learn.
Now, here you have all my work. Hope that you enjoy it

Natalia Ruiz, Stratford-upon-Avon

Edinburgh Playhouse

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This landmark opened as a cinema in Scotland but nowadays it’s just for musicals.
By the way, the architect who designed it was John Fairweather
Firstly, is well-known because of the capacity which is aproximately 3000 seats.
Although now it isn’t as famous as when it opened, it still being important, 
therefore, a lot shows had take part there.
But also, there are new projects such as youth musicals projects, so if a child is
talented Edinburgh Playhouse will suport him to do his best in shows performance 
Appart of this facts, technicals details are also good, so this details could make this 
landmark better than others. So, if you go to see a show your five senses will be 
Another point woth noting is that people say that is a ghost called Albert, on the 
one hand there are people who say that he was killed in an accident and on the 
other, someone says that it was a suicide.
To sum up, if you go there you’ll enjoy a lot. I hope that you have fun!

Vídeo de YouTube

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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-Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus-
Enjoy with the marvellous Bromance
You can see this performance at Underbelly's Circus Hub on August.
It consists of two parts, by the way, it's also available on the internet. 
In addition, it costs around 15 pounds.
However, you can go if you're more than 12 years old. 
You should go there because it has good reviews and it also has awards.

You can see this modern performance at Headlock Theatre on August.
As the first one, this has two parts, they tell you a thriller and drama story.
This show is cheaper than the other because it costs around 10 pounds.
One fact that you should know is that it's the first time that is performed on a stage.
It also has age restrinctions.
You should go there because it has got all the features to become famous and succesful!
I hope to see you there!

If you want to check my speaking, here you have an audio in wich you can hear me reading this add.
I like this way of learning because it's funny and interesting although we work a lot.
I tried to do my best because I think this will benefite my English and also my competences at writing and speking, but, also using computers and creating digital content.
So, let keep improving!


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We've done some infographics in order to learn easily. 
In my opinion, I think that is a good idea to use differents ways of teaching, because students can learn more and also enjoy. 
The tools that I've used are Genially and Piktochart.

Spanish currency

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If you're interested into the differents currencies that have been in Spain, I did a project about it so, please check it out. Thanks a lot!

UK Currency

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In UK the official currency is Pound sterling, by the way, a pound consists of 100 pence.
In addition the word pence is usually shortened to ''p'' because in writing and conversation is easily ''p'' than pence.
As you know the coins are of 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and 50p, £1 and £2. 
Moreover, the notes are, £5, £10, £20 and £50.

                                                                         Those coins and notes are produced in the Bank of England but also at Banks in Scotland or 
Nothern Ireland.
Do you know that Pound sterling is one of the oldest currency of the world?
Pound sterling isn't just the currency of UK is an iconic fact of this part of the world.
Here you have a video in which you can see notes made in Gibraltar.

National Museum of Scotland

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I'm going to tell you about this interesting and amazing museum which is located in Scotland.
By the way, if you want to get there I recommend you to go by bus which is a good for the environment and cheap choice. In addition, there are some bus stops nearby.
If you want more information about how to get there by bus here you have a usefull link:

·Here you have the distance between Edinburgh Castle and National Museum of Scotland.

Another fact that you should know if you go to this landmark is that it opens daily at 10:00 and it closes at 17:00 but on special days it has differents time, check it if you want to visit it.
Don't forget that families, school and groups visits have a discount.
Moreover, the galleries that you should visit are Natural Sciences, World Cultures and Scottish History and Archaeology.

Landmarks in Edinburgh

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FIrstly, I'm going to tell you about St Margaret's Chapel. 
This landmarks is the oldest of Edinburgh, it was built in the 12th century and in the 19th century it was restored. By the way, it was founded by David I of Scotland and it's Romanesque style.
Secondly, now is George Street's turn. In this landmark you can see the statue of William Pitt.
This is the central street of James Craig's plan of a "New Town". It's also the city's most important shopping district.
And finally, I'll explain Scottish National Gallery where you can find a lot of art. 
It's located on The Mound, in central Edinburgh. It was designed by William Henry Playfair and it's first day open was in 1859

Edinburgh Castle

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This historical castle is located on Castle Rock in Edinburgh, Scotland. It first occupation was in the 2nd century AD, then, in 12th century it was a royal castle. It was built in orden to protect and defend Scotland from other countries attacks.
Now it is a turist attraction where you can visit regimental museums. By the way, more than 1.000.000 people visit this landmark every year so it's Scotland's most visited place. 
There is also a mysteriously legend with ghosts in this castle so take care if you visit it.
If you want more information about this landmark you should click play on the video bellow, you would like it.
Please, check out this video in which I show my speaking skills. Thanks a lot


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