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 Cancer Cell, Vol 2, 179-182, September 2002 

Can a biologist fix a radio?—Or, what I learned while studying apoptosis

 by Yuri Lazebnik

 This article is proposing a new approach of understanding biology, namely start by creating a quantitative language to describe cells and how they operate. It compares the components and functions of a cell to these of a radio. An engineer understands completely  the components and its  function of a radio because in engineering there is a unequivoc way to describe it; however, a biologist only grasps the surface of the understanding of a cell. Doesn't matter how many thousands of papers are out there describing a particular cell process -like apoptosis-, our language and our approach to its understanding is so vague that we cannot describe it correctly. It's time to change the way we study biology. Perhaps systems biology will be the answer if we do not stop at the limitations of the language and invent and use a quantitative one.