Natalia Lamberova


Graduate Student and Researcher at University of California, Los Angeles

Research Fields

Political Economy of Development, Collective Action, Property Rights Protection, Collective Action and Technology, Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Political Connections



Mailing address: UCLA Department of Political Science, 4289 Bunche Hall, Box 951472, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1472

Published works

"The Role of Business in Shaping Economic Policy" in he New Autocracy: Information, Politics, and Policy in Putin's Russia2018, 51-76, Brookings Institution Press (with Konstantin Sonin)

Papers Accepted for Publication

"Economic Transition and the Rise of Alternative Institutions: Political Connections in Putin’s Russia"  in Economics of Transition (with Konstantin Sonin)

Articles under review

"Reccurent Revolutions: Technological Foundations of Political Instability" (with Dmitry Dagaev, Anton Sobolev and Konstantin Sonin)

Work in progress

"Leaderless Protests?(with Dmitry Dagaev, Anton Sobolev and Konstantin Sonin)

"Gaming Patent System, Russian Style"
"Roads and Economic Development: Evidence form Industrialization Policy in Russia"