Natalia Fabra: Curriculum Vitae

Since 2004 : Research Fellow, Centre for Economic Policy Research.
Since 2016:  Associate Researcher, Cambridge Energy Policy Research Group

2013 - 2017:  Member of the Economic Advisory Group on Competition Policy (EAGCP) of the DG COMP.
2016 - 2017:  Sabbatical leave at the Economics Department of Northwestern University (Chicago).
2014 - 2015:  Joint Academic Director, CERRE.
2008 - 2015 : Associate Professor, Economics Department, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
2012 - 2014: PhD Director, Economics Department, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
2012          : Visiting Professor, Cemfi, Madrid.
2002 - 2008: Assistant Professor, Economics Department, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
2005 - 2009: Ramón y Cajal Fellow.
2003 - 2004: Visiting Research Associate, University of California Energy Institute, Berkeley.
2001 - 2002: Academic Visitor, Nuffield College, Oxford University.
2001 - 2002: Research Fellow, IDEI, University of Toulouse.
2001 - 2001: Visiting Ph.D. student, Nuffield College, Oxford University.
2000 - 2000: Visiting Ph.D. student IDEI, University of Toulouse.
1998 - 2001: Research assistant to Prof. Massimo Motta, European University Institute, Florence.


-Industrial Economics (JEL L00)
-Oligopoly and other forms of market imperfection (JEL D43, L13)
-Auctions (JEL D44)
-Competition Policy (JEL K21), Regulation (JEL L43, L51)
-Regulation of utilities - electric and other (JEL L95)
-Environnemental Management (JEL Q28, Q38)


2001 - 2002: Post-doctoral studies, IDEI, University of Toulouse
2001 - 2001: Ph.D., Economics, European University Institute, Florence
PhD Thesis : “Market Power in Electricity Markets”; Supervisor: Massimo Motta
1998 - 1998: M.A., Economics, European University Institute, Florence
1997 - 1997: B.A., Economics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


                  Fabra, N. and García, A. (2015) "Dynamic Price Competition with Switching Costs"
Dynamic Games and Applications, May 2015

     Economics Letters 126, 150-155.

    American Economic Review, 104 (9), 2872-99.
    Highlighted at Nature Climate Change

    European Economic Review 56(3), 451-469.

    Economic Journal 121, 1340–1360.

    International Journal of Industrial Organization 29(4), 399-411.

Campos, E., N. Fabra and García, A. (2007) "Dynamic Auctions for On-line Services"
    IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics 37 (6), 878-886.

    Energy Economics 29(2), 259-276.

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    International Journal of Industrial Organization 23(3), 155-181.

    Rand Journal of Economics 37 (1), 23-346.

    The Energy Journal 26.

    Journal of Industrial Economics L1(3), 271-293.

    Electricity Journal 15(7), 72-81.


        In English:

                Fabra, N., Matthes, F., Newbery, D. and Rüdinger, A. (2015) "The Energy Transition In Europe: Lessons from Germany, the UK and France"

    A CERRE report

Fabra, N. and M. Motta (2013) "Coordinated Effects in Merger Cases"

    A report for the Mexican Competition Authority and the World Bank 

Courty, P., N. Fabra, C. Fumagalli, M. Motta (2004) "Identical Price Categories in Oligopolistic Markets: Innocent Behaviour or Collusive Practice?"

    A report for the Italian Competition Authority 

        In Spanish:

Fabra, N. (2014) “Funcionamiento y Diseño de los Mercados Eléctricos: ¿Qué nos ha enseñado la Teoría de Juegos?”

    Economía Industrial

Fabra, N. and J. Fabra Utray (2012) “Un Diseño de Mercado para el Sector Eléctrico Español”

    Papeles de Economía

Fabra, N. and J. Fabra Utray (2010) “Competencia y Poder de Mercado en los Mercados Eléctricos”

    Cuadernos Económicos del ICE 79, pp. 17-43

Fabra, N. (2010) “Modelo Energético Sostenible”

    Chapter 17 in “La Ley de Economía Sostenible y la Reformas Estructurales: 25 propuestas”, FEDEA

Fabra, N. and J. Fabra Utray (2009) “Un Diseño de Mercado para el Sector Eléctrico Español”

    Papeles de Economía Española 121, 141-158

Fabra, N. "El Funcionamiento del Mercado Eléctrico Español bajo la Ley del Sector Eléctrico".

    Chapter 10 in “Del Monopolio al Mercado. La Comisión Nacional de Energía: diez años en perspectiva”.

Fabra, N. (2006) “La Electricidad: Mercados, Inversiones, y Garantía de Suministro”

    Economía Industrial 364, 63-74


2018-2023:  ERc Consolidator “Current Tools and Policy Challenges in Electricity Markets” IP: Natalia Fabra. 
2017-2018:  Grant awarded by the Ministry of Economics, “Current Methodologies and Regulatory Challenges in Electricity Markets” (Europa Investigación 2017, EUIN2017-87623) IP: Natalia Fabra. 
2017 - 2019: Grant awarded by the Ministry of Education. Project “The Role of Information in Decision Making” IP: Natalia Fabra.
2016-2018: Grant awarded by Fundación BBVA for research groups (IP: Natalia Fabra; team: Mar Reguant and David Rapson)
2015: Award of Excellence, Social Council, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
2015: Excellence in reviewing Award, by International Journal of Industrial Organization.
2014: Julián Marías Prize, awarded by the Madrid Regional Government to the best researcher below 40 in the field Humanities and Social Sciences (speech).
2014: Sabadell-Herrero Prize, awarded by the Sabadell Foundation to the best Spanish researcher below 40 in Social Sciences (video)
2013 - 2015: Grant awarded by the Ministry of Finance. Project “Collusion, Cartels and Collusion” IP: Natalia Fabra.
2010 - 2013: Grant awarded by the Ministry of Education. Project “Strategic Behaviour and Institutions” IP: Antonio Cabrales.
2007 - 2009: Research Funding, Fundación Ramón Areces. Project: “Competition and Contracts in Oligopoly Models” (joint with María Ángelesde Frutos).
2006 - 2010: Grant awarded by the Ministry of Education and Science. Title of the Project “Dynamic Models, Regimes and Institutions. Applications to firm behaviour, labour market and growth theory” IP: César Alonso Borrego.
2005 - 2007: Additional Funding within Ramón y Cajal Programme. Project “The Impact of the Kyoto Agreement on the Performance of Electricity Markets”
2005 _ 2005: Research Funding, Fundación BBVA. Project: "Innovation and Merger Waves: an application to the pharmaceutical sector" (joint with M.A. de Frutos, C. Ornaghi and G. Siotis).
2004 - 2005: Research Funding, Fundación Ramón Areces. Project: “Strategic Behaviour and Risk Managament in Electricity Markets” (joint with M. Tapia, J. Toro and P. Villaplana).
2003 - 2007: Grant awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Project: “Dynamic Models, Regimes and Institutions. Applications to the Job Market and Industrial Organization” (BEC2003-03943).
2001 - 2001: Marie Curie Research Fellowship under the CEPR Network "Financial Markets, Product Markets, and the Pace of Innovation in Europe".
2001 - 2001: European Commission Young Economist Prize, European Association of Research in Industrial Economics, Dublin.
2001 - 2001: Research Funding, Programa de Investigaciones Económicas, Fundación Empresa Pública, Madrid.
1997 - 1997: Ph.D. funding, Programa Salvador de Madariaga, Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores.


Conference Chair:
2010: Jornadas de Economía Industrial, Madrid.

Executive committees:
- Currently: EARIE and Spanish Economic Assoc.
- In the past: ACE, Jornadas de Economía Industrial

I regularly participate in the Scientific Committees of the following conferences:

- Association of Competition Economics
- Econometric Society 
- European Economic Association
International Conference on the European Electricity Market 
- Jornadas de Economía Industrial
Simposio de Análisis Económico

I have worked as referee for the following journals, among other: 
American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Theory, Economic Theory, European Economic Review, International Economic Review, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Political Economy, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Quantitative Economics, Management Science, Nature Energy, Rand Journal of Economics, Review of Economic Studies, etc.

I have obtained the Excellence in Reviewing Cerificate by the International Journal of Industrial Organization (2015).


I regularly give seminars in other universities. In the past, I have given seminars at: University of Arizona (Tucson), Wharton (UPenn, Filadelfia), CEMFI (Madrid), Sorbonne (Paris), Universidad de Málaga, Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Seville), IFN (Stockholm), Helsinki School of Economics, Sabanci University (Istanbul), Universidad Complutense de Madrid, IESE (Barcelona), WZB (Berlin), Universidad de Alicante, European University Institute, Universidad de Vigo, Stockholm School of Economics, Universidad Central de Barcelona, University of California at Berkeley, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Università degli Studi di Bologna, Warwick University, Nuffield College (Oxford), etc.


I regularly attend research workshops and conferences, including: CEPR Conference on Applied IO, EARIE Conference, IDEI-TSE Conference on Energy Markets, Jornadas de Economía Industrial, University of California Energy Institute Camp, ASSET Meeting, SAET Conference, etc.

TEACHING (current and past)

Universidad Carlos III:
- Undergradute: Regulation and Competition Policy; Game Theory, Industrial Organization, Principles of Economics
- Master: Regulation and Competition Policy
- PhD: Energy Economics

- Master: Regulation and Competition Policy

Barcelona Graduate School of Economics:
- Executive Education: Energy Economics: current methods and policy challenges


Date of Birth 27 December, 1975

Nationality Spanish

Languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian

Last revised: November 2017