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Poetry Analysis, The Peruvian Child.

Still in the middle of my path is the child
with no smile who stared at us. Her eyes
even then the eyes of women who sell chickens
and onions in outdoor markets. The women
who stare at us as if we are guards.
She whispered to the doll with no face,
smoothed the red and blue scraps
of cloth on the path, ironed them with her hand,
wrapped and re-wrapped the doll, hair
mud-tangled as the child’s, and the dog’s,
and the llama’s that followed the child’s
small bare feet after she bundled the doll
in the striped manta on her back.
The matted group stood by the edge of the spring
watching us drink clear, holy water of the Inca,
a fountain of youth, our guide said.
We wanted, as usual, to hold a picture
of the child in a white border, not to hold her
mud-crusted hands or feet or face,
not to hold her, the child in our arms
Title: As a peruvian child myself, there are many things I think about. I am sure though that they will de-
          scribe or the topic will be about the children in Peru that live in the lands o the country where
most of the population is poor and there is many lands for cros.
List Words and Phrases: St1: with no smile,women who stare as we were guards.
                                       St2: Doll with no face, whispered, ironed them with her hand, Llama and Dog followed the child.
                                       St3: Drink clear, holy water of the Inca, fountain of youth. to hold a picture  of the child in a white border.
Paraphrase:Tourist visited Peru and were able to see how people in the same world
                       that they live, have a whole different type of living. It's like contrasting two different cultures
Cannotation:Sometimes we live in our world, the "world" that people in our every-day life live in too. But just a few miles away, there is a whole different way of living, a different perspective of the meaning of life.
Attitide: I think the person that experienced this shows curiosity and in a way anxiety to know more. You can tell because the poet tells every move and detail of the child.
Title:  The Peruvian Child, a child of a different culture.
Theme:The poet is talking about the different cultures and the need of learning more about other cultures, the child looked at the tourist differently and viceversa. We should all learn to look at anyone without thinking of the differences.