Covent Garden Marquet.

Covent Garden  is a very popular marquet in London.
There are many shops and restaurants. Too many people go every day to this popular marquet and enjoy with the street musician.In my opinion this is a very beautiful and entreteining place.

William Shakespeare.

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The last month we were speaking,reading ,listening,dramatize...I learned a lot of things during these weeks.

Firstly,we started learning a little more about Shakespeare's life,this is an important factor because if you don't know the most significant things of his childhood or youth you will not apreciate his writing.
In this part we did listening,writtings,speaking and reading.

Secondly,our teacher set up a site with all the tings we should do for learn more and practise all the skills.We started with the ACT I ,in this part we should do a writing and reading of Stratford-upon-Avon the city where this playwritgh was born.
For this activity we use Google Docts.

In the ACT II we did a speaking but in the others sections we have to macth a work of Shakespeare with it gender,the second section of this part was my favourite because we watch three videos,the first was Macbeht,the second was Hamlet and the third but not least Romeo and Juliet.I loved all the preformances.


In addition,the last section in the ACT II was a eading and we have to answer the questions,the text was about "Who was Shakespeare?".
In my opinión this part was quite dificult,especially the questions.

And  finally the best part came,dramartize the work that you want!For me it was so exciting because you could convey what they felt but I admit that it was dificul as well
 especially because I'm a bit shy and play could be embarrasssment.

Dance in Edimburgh.

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If you like contemporary dance in my opinión you should go to see Boys Who Like Play With Dolls because this representation will make us think about our society and how influenced we are on stereotypes from childhood:pink is for girls, cars are for boys , girls play with dolls...
Welcome to a fantasy world in which the male and female principles not define man and woman.
We notice you that this preformance is not recommended for children under 14 years.
This preformance don't take more than 40 minutes and the tickes isn't so expensive but we don't know the price yet.

·Here you can see a video about this preformance.
·If you need more informations visit this page:

Vídeo de YouTube

If you like dance and you're very good on it you should goto  Café Baile.
Every week several different acts surprised with his talent. You will also have the opportunity to try new styles of dancing with a tasting session short dance or two, join in the dance Argentine tango, or you can just sit and enjoy.
Children can go if they go with their parents.
Also the ticket price is only 9 pounds.What are you waiting for?Come and enjoy!

·If you need more informations visit this page:

Prince Street.

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Pince Street is named  in honor of the two sons of King George III, the Duke of Rothesay and Frederick Augustus Hanover. It is one of the main streets of Edinburgh, next to Royal Mile. It is located in New Town, parallel to George Street and Princes Street Gardens. It has about 1kilometer.
Gardens of Princes Street is a public park located in the center of Edinburgh, at the foot of Edinburgh Castle.

Princes Street is one of the major thoroughfares in central Edimburgh, Scotland, and its main shopping street.
The street is mostly closed to private cars, with public transpot given priority.

Pince Street.

National Mueum of Scotland.

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The National Museum of Scotland is dedicated to the history, people, geology, fauna, flora and culture of Scotland. The museum is located at the  the Old Town of Edinburgh.
It was opened 1998,in this museun you can find collections from the National Museum Of Antiquities of Scotland.
The museum exhibits are grouped by periods alongs of the museum.
The National Museum of Scotland is a very nice way to meet Scottish history by walking through the different areas.
The admission  free and it has a system of audio guide for the visit.
You'll find everything you need to prepare your visit to the museum entrance, where you can purchase a map and see the day's events.
If you have time, you can take advantage of the free admission to visit the building many times as you like.


Vídeo de YouTube

Museo de Escocia

Summery of the term.

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During this term we made many new and innovative things.
The first one we did was the idea of focusing on a different foreing country every term.It was exciting and new for me.(In this term we study London)
 Secondly, the teacher suggested us that we create a site where we would write about each monuments which we would have talked in the last class.
This idea worried me a lot because I've never been very good with computers.But now I can do it!

We also had to explain some of ours site in a "croma" and in front of the class,thats made me fell a bit nervous.

In fridays we have my favourite part, we sing songs of differents artists and we learn some thinfs about them.It's very funny.
      GREEN DAY                                                    AVICII                      BACKSTREET BOYS
                            MIKE OLDFIELD
Funally,as you can see we did  a lot of things in this three months.
In this new term we'll talk about Edimburg,I love this city T was there some year ago an id beautiful.
Summerazing,this term was amazing!


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Picadilly Circus is de most famous image of London.It was built in 1819 to connect Regent Street with the main shopping street.
Its proximity to major shopping and entertainment and the fact that most traffic intersection has made Piccadilly Circus  an important turistic attraction.
The square is known for its neon signs and the Eros fountain in the center, which has become an icon of London.Piccadilly Circus is one of the liveliest of London and one of the main nightlife in the city.
People who visited say it is a fantastic place and if you go to London you should see it.
Also Picadilly have a lot of restaurants around, so thats is perfect!

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Bukingham Palace.

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Bukingham Palace has served as the official London residence of Britian's sovereing since 1837. The Palace is use for many official events and recepcions held by The Queen.
The palace, was originally a hotel petit built for the first Duke of Buckingham in 1703,it has 775 rooms.These include 19 State rooms,52 Royal and gests bedrooms,188 staff bedrooms,92 offices and 78 bathrooms.This is amaizing!
Althought Bukingham Palace is famous for his decoration whith priceless works of art that form part of the Royal Collection,one of the major art collections nowadays.

The Palace has excellent security.
In the front of the palace is the Royal Guard,oroginally it is residing for the queen and her husband, Prince Andrew.

Bukingham palace


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The London Underground is a public transport network that works both above and below ground in the whole area of Greater London. 

This transport system is the  oldest in the world.Londoners often refer to him as the Underground or a more familiar way as the Tube, because of the form of its tunnels.

The tube is usually the faster and easier transport to move around London.
Its consists on 12 diferents lines,all of them have a name (Central, Circle, Jubilee, Metropolitan)
,the lines 1 and 2 cover the city center.

Understanding the underground map is important, but once time you'are inside the tunnels, find out how to get to the right platform can be very difficult.Fortunately, everything is very well marked with names, colors and destinations.
Personally speaking ,this tube could be very dificult but practicing a lot I'll understand this complex map.


London Eye

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Nowadays,London Eye is the most famous and wonderful wheel in the world,although it maybe be a bit expensive.

First of all,the ticket could be cheaper if you book it online,about 15% discount.But you have in mind that the atracction have a 30-minite rotacion and a very beautiful veiws so it has the wriht  price.

In addition, it has a marvelous veiws so you can take a lot of photos for your memories.Also is the perfect place to have a dinner with your grilfriend or boyfriend,it will be unfortgettable.

Finally,in my opinion the London Eye its a unique landmark which others citis want to imitate.Also you'll enjoy so much this trip and for sure you'll want to repeat this amazing experience.




UK landmarks.

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Everybody admires traveling,and one place to visit is London.This turistic city is good for learn a new culture and have a good time.

First of all,in my opinion,London has so many interesting landmarks to visit,like Big Ben which nowadays is called Queen Elizabeth Tower.By the way it's located at the westmister Abbey,in my opinion that monument it's an iconic symbol there.

Althougth,in London you can find anothers importants landmarks like Tower of London,Tower Bridge,London Eye,etc.

The last one is one of my favourites one,because if you get into the wheel ypu can see the skyline of London.The views are so beautifull!

Finally if you are a shop-addict I recomend you to go to the Covent Garden where is there a very big market,with a lot of shops and restaurants.



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