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Why is there a need for drills?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. Indeed, if seen from the surface, drills seem pointless. It is not something that can be used in daily life, nor is it something that one will use (save for NS) in the future. So why is there drill?

The answer is that individual effort does not being survival or victory for individual. The individual has to learn teamwork and the values of unified and co-operation action so thoroughly that they guide his later actions instinctively. Teamwork in any uniform group can be built on the Parade Square. Here, all personnel learn that there can be no ordinary movement of men or units without precise and united effort, and that every man has to play his part.

Discipline is founded on drill. Drill has often been used as a forerunner to great battles and during them it justified itself. When drill is taught or practiced, those in command must stress its object. It must never be used as a punishment but always as a means of raising standards within a body of me.