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Papers (Reverse chronological)

Graduate Research

13. "The eigenvalues of random graphs follow the Tracy-Widom distribution." with Lior Silberman.
Status: In preparation.

12. "Lower Bounds for Capsets and Sunflower-Free sets"
Status: In preparation.

11. "On the chromatic number of Euclidean space with multiple forbidden distances and forbidden monochromatic simplices."
Status: In preparation.

10. "Exponential Bounds for the Erdos-Ginzburg-Ziv constant."
Status: Posted on the arXiv.

9. "The Multi-Slice Rank Method and polynomial bounds for orthogonal systems in F_q^n" 
Status: Posted on the arXiv.

8. On cap sets and the group-theoretic approach to matrix multiplication." with Jonah Blasiak, Tom Church, Henry CohnJoshua A. Grochow, William F. Sawin and Chris Umans.
Status: Discrete Analysis , 2017:3, 2017

7. "Upper bounds for sunflower-free sets."  with William F. Sawin.
Status: Forum Mathematics Sigma, Vol. 5, e15, 2017

6. "Primitive Points in Lattice Polygons." with Imre BaranyGreg Martin and Sinai Robins.
Status: Submitted.

Undergraduate Research

5. "On Improving Roth's Theorem in the Primes."

4. "The Tail Distribution of the Sum of Digits of Prime Numbers."

3. "The Median Largest Prime Factor."

2. "The Average Largest Prime Factor."
Status: Integers, 13A, 2013

1. "Integers with a Predetermined Prime Factorization"

** "A density increment approach to Roth's Theorem in the Primes."
Status: An error was found by (thank you to Kevin Henriot for pointing this out) in manuscript I posted on the arXiv.


1. "Higher Fourier Analysis"
Status: CMS Notes from the Margin, 

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