The web pages and documents which are written in Unicode Bangla Fonts you may see some boxes instead of the Bangla texts. Now it is very much easy to write bangla anywhere in the web and in your pc. Most of the people use the Bijoy software to write bangla in their computers. But Bijoy dose not give the opportunity to write bangla in web pages. You can not write bangla in your email or Facebook and other social networking pages using this software.

Here the Unicode is the solution. By using the Unicode fonts you can write Bangla anywhere in the web.

Follow the steps to activate the Unicode support in your pc.


At first open the Control Panel, here you will find Regional and Languages Option , open it.


Then you will see a window like this one.


 Open the Languages(2nd) tab.Then mark the Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai). Press OK. Here you have to insert your Windows XP Bootable CD in the CD-ROM. Some necessary files will be copied from the CD then you have to Restart your Computer.

Then you can read the texts which is written Bangla Unicode fonts.




I think the best way to write Bangle in Windows Operating System is to use the Avro Keyboard. This is a Free ware software and you can download it with free of cost. The website address is Here you will find two different Editions of the software one is Standard and another is Portable. Standard edition for your personal computer and you can carry the Portable edition in your pen drive and other portable devises. You don't need to install again and again in every pc.

Download Avro Standard Edition from here

Download Avro Portable Edition from here