Layer yogurt sponge cake with blueberries filling

Layer yogurt sponge cake with blueberries filling




4 egg yolks (medium)

10g Castor sugar


4 egg whites (medium)

60g Castor sugar

1tsp corn flour


120g Natural yogurt (or other flavours)

60g Cake flour/Superfine flour

10g Corn flour

40g Corn oil


1) Beat egg yolks and sugar till thick and pale in color, add in yogurt and mix well, set aside.

2) Beat egg white until foamy, gradually add in sugar and continue beat till fluffy. Add in corn flour and beat till soft peaks.

3) Stir a big spoonful of egg whites mixture into the egg yolk batter and gently stir with hand whisk to lighten the batter.

4) Then with a spatula, scoop gradually the remaining egg whites mixture and fold well with egg yolk batter.

5) Sift cake flour and corn flour, and gradually fold into batter.

6) Last add in corn oil and fold gently into batter.

7) Bake in pre-heated oven at 160c for 40mins.


To assemble the layer cake- cut into equal size, spread a layer of blueberries filling. Decorate with store bought piping jelly (I mix plain piping jelly with rose syrup)