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  • Design and Implementation of a robotic arm with 4 degree of freedom.Our intension was to construct a robotic arm at the least possible cost & to develop our own technology. Therefore locally available materials & various spare parts of damaged machines have been used. Our robotic arm is capable to pick up an object from a moving conveyor belt & put it on another continuously moving conveyor belt. An optical sensor is mounted on a fixed position of the first conveyor belt to detect any object. As soon as any object has been detected, the first conveyor belt stops & the object are picked up by the arm. Here we have used four stepper motors for the arm & one stepper motor for each conveyor. The whole system is controlled by a computer with parallel port interfacing. 
  • Design and implementation of small Automated Model aircraft: This a small automated  tappered winged aircraft  which was able to  give  level  flight,  left turn , right  turn and smooth  landing. To implement this project we used  dust materials( bottle of coca cola, stick of um)  available equipments and ICs(AT89C51ED2 microcontroller, IRF540 power mosfet) in Bangladesh.
  • Design of Biped Humanoid robot with 23 degree of Freedom: Our intension was to construct a biped humanoid robot which will be able to walk , lift something, detect obstacle through image processing. We thought to do build this robot in international robot olympiad (  in Robo League Categories. We have completed electrical and mechanical design of that humaniod robot  but later we was unable to implement this for lack of funding, lack of suitable servo motors, lack of electronics equipments(such as  single board computers, CMU cam, DSP, fabrication tools, suitable and light weight power supply)

  • Design & implementation INTELLIGENT TRAFFIC SYSTEM :Implemented software that can    control traffic system intelligently through image processing. A web camera is used to help the software. By the web camera the traffic density is captured which helps our software to decide which side will be on next. Both static and moving image analysis techniques are used. A detailed report on our this  project was published in major daily newspaper the daily prothom-alo. 


  • Design ,simulation and Implementation of a 4 Bit Digital Computer:  In this project, a 4-bit digital computer was designed and implemented. The designed CPU was capable of executing 30 different instructions. The CPU was designed to handle both memory referencing and non-memory referencing instructions.     

  • Implementation of ‘Minimal OS’ with  8086 assembly language (Process management with preemptive scheduling, Memory management with virtual memory, Unix-like File System management, Unix-like boot  management ).


  •  System Analysis and Design of Online Banking: Thoroughly studied the concept of online banking. The main emphasis was given on the Deposit system which includes Account Opening Subsystem, Transaction Management Subsystem, Account Management Subsystem, Settlement Subsystem, Query Processing Subsystem and Interfacing Subsystem. Before developing the subsystems each was analyzed under Janata Bank. All the requirements were obtained from Janata Bank as well. Standard UML diagrams were developed in each stage of analysis and design. For developing  front-End we used  Microsoft Visual C# .NET and for developing back-end database we used  Oracle 9i.