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  Job experiences(Project conducted):

1.      Enhancement of a TI DSP based motor control system: This system uses TI DSP TMS320LF2407A for controlling different parameters (speed, torque, power, battery status, acceleration, temperature etc) of a motor based system.For communication of different part of system we used and implemented various standard communication protocols.


2.      Design and Implementation of Energy saving lamp Quality Assurance System: This is a microcontroller based System which is capable to test thousands of Energy saving lamps simultaneously by putting them in different states. 


3.      Design and Implementation of a Car Pc System(Still in analysis and design phase):  This is a Embedded Linux based Multimedia Car Pc system which will provide Mobile Telephony, WiFi, picture ,audio , video capturing and basic computation using

4.      Design and Implementation of an automatic cutting machine of cloth (Still in analysis and design phase): This will be a servo motor based system and has fare similarities to  CnC machines. This system will take drawings(image or cad file) of different shapes for cutting clothes. The machine will cut the clothes according to the drawing.