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Biking for Birds - A Big Year

posted Jun 11, 2014, 2:40 PM by NTOS Admin
Some people do a birding Big Year by traveling all over the ABA area logging thousands of miles in autos, planes and boats. Dorian Anderson is doing a big year where his movements will be unaided by fossil fuels and electricity. He will travel throughout the United States only by bicycle, foot, and kayak. He has three main goals: 1) Bring interest in birds, bird watching and bird conservation. 2) Showcase that traveling by bike is a healthy and is an environmentally sustainable form of transportation. 3) He hopes to raise $100,000 on behalf of The Conservation Fund and the American Birding Association to promote land conservation and bird watching.

His Big Year started in Massachusetts and he is currently (as of June 10) in Colorado. He has ridden 7,182 miles and has recorded 469 species. Visit his blog to follow his travels and if you feel inclined, donate to the bird conservation on his site - Biking for Birds

Photo by Dorian Anderson