This is my old/back-up site. Find my main site here:
Use this site to find  podcasts , worksheets, work and document you'll need for class. Be sure to check this page often for updated podcast links, work and class documents such as classroom rules and expectations. Parents and students can go to this link:  to learn more about the "flipped classroom" and podcasting!
Open the one named "Podcasting? Flipped Classroom?"
You can see my podbean site where I store my podcast here: 
It will have all podcast in order by unit.
or they can even friend my facebook page for this class (not my personal page) to get the podcasts, just have them search for Tyler Nash and pick the one that teaches at Coronado with my picture! It will update when ever I add new podcasts!

All resources can be accessed by using the links on the side bar <= over there, just click on what you want and you should be able to find it. If you have problems please contact me or talk to me in class and we'll get it worked out. Let's have a great year!