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Statutory Instruments

Technical Services

Niha Merchant Marine Services is thankful to all ROs those supported our technical team and appointed us as their Regional Representative to promote their activities in the region. 

We are authorized by several RO to issue the relevant Statutory Certificates as below mentioned upon satisfactory survey, Inspection & Audits:

International Tonnage Certificate (ITC'69)                                            International Load Lines Certificate (ILL)                                          International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate (IOPP)               International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate (IAPP)               International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate (ISPC)     International Garbage Pollution Prevention Certificate (IGCP)    International Ship Safety Certificate (ISSC)                                      International Certificate of Fitness for Carriage of Dangerous Chemicals (IBC)                                                                                                             International Certificate of Fitness for Carriage of Liquefied Gases (IGC)  International Pollution Prevention Certificate for carriage of noxious liquid in bulk (NLS)                                                                                              International Safety Management Certificate (ISMC)                                  Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate (SAFCON)                              Cargo Ship Safety Radio-telegraphy Certificate (SAFRA)                           Cargo Ship Safety Radio-telephony Certificate (SAFRA)                           Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate (SAFEQ)                                      Cargo Ship Safety Certificate (SAFCE) (under 500 gt)                                                                   Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate (SARCE) (under 300 gt)           Caribbean Cargo Ship Safety Certificate (CCSC)                                Passenger Ship Safety Certificate (PSSC)                                                Pleasure Vessel Safety Certificate (PVSC)                                                       High Speed Craft Safety Certificate (HSC)                                                   Fishing Vessel Safety Certificate (FVSC)                                                Certificate of Fitness for Offshore Vessel Supply (IBO)                             Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Certificate (MODU)                                   Certificate of Inspection of Crew Accommodation (CICA)                 Certificate of Compliance for Carriage of Dangerous Goods (CDG) Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk (BCH)                                                                                                                 Document of Authorization for Carriage of Grain (GARLO)               Document of Compliance (DOC)                                                                      Safety Management Certificate (SMC)                                                     Certificate of Fitness & Seaworthiness (SWC)                                            Certificate of Fitness of Cargo Gears (CCG)                                          Certificate of Class Hull, Machinery, Boiler, Refrigerated spaces & other related docs.

It is not necessary that any ship require above mentioned all certificates, It depends on type of vessel, type of cargo which she is carrying, type of voyage, sea route of sailing and nature of services deemed by the ship-owner as well as classification society recommends. 

Sometime flag also require that vessel must carry the specific certificates, and sometime it is the port state control requirement, according to their National laws. 

But 15 of above certificates are counted on compulsory for all vessels except non-conventional vessels. 

Non-conventional vessels are exempted from ISM, ISPS codes and some other relief as per IMO codes.