Nascar Cup Cars For Sale

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nascar cup cars for sale
nascar cup cars for sale - Coca-Cola NASCAR
Coca-Cola NASCAR Racing Board Game
Coca-Cola NASCAR Racing Board Game
Original & Collectable NASCAR Racing Board Game 2005 Version - 1st Edition. Featuring Dale Jarrett, Elliot Sadler, Jeff Burton, Kevin Harvick, Kyle Petty, Michael Waltrip, Bobby LaBonte and Tony Stewart. Great fun, innovative & strategically challenging! Autographed photos and fun facts about the Coca-Cola family of drivers. The game is beautifully packaged in a 12" X 12" X 2.5" compartmentalized box with mini cars, dice, cards, and instruction book with autographed photos of the Coca-Cola® family of drivers! This game is designed to appeal to all NASCAR® fans and folks who enjoy fun and games for ages 6 and up. The Official Coca-Cola® NASCAR® Racing Board Game is the Original & Collectible board game officially licensed by NASCAR®,Coca-Cola® Bottling Company, 8 of its Coca-Cola family of drivers, and approved by the teams of Joe Gibbs Racing, RCR Enterprises, LLC, Petty Enterprises, Dale Earnhardt, Inc., Robert Yates Racing, & their sponsors.

Nascars at Dover.
nascar cup cars for sale
NASCAR 09 X360

Get Your Engines Started!
Get ready for heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat action as you go behind the wheel for an all-new, thrillingly authentic NASCAR experience. The racetrack is yours to command as you train with the one and only Jeff Gordon and prepare to take on some of the biggest names in racing. Savor the power harnessed under your hood when you put the pedal to the metal and fight your way to the finish line. Do you have what it takes to be a champion?

Key Features

Go in-depth and learn the sport with none other than the legendary Jeff Gordon
Complete exciting challenges to earn contracts in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, NASCAR Nationwide Series and NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series
Choose from two distinct handling models to suit your style, whether you're a rookie or a veteran
Post your best stats at every sanctioned NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racetrack to prove that you "Own the Track" — or discover which tracks you need to take back from your friends
Sign contracts, earn a reputation and dominate in authentic racing series as you live the life of a NASCAR superstar both on and off the track
Design the look of your car with the all-new Paint Booth online tool
For 1 player or up to 14 players online

NASCAR 09 takes you inside the sport like never before. Put yourself in the driver's seat with two new and distinct handling models: Normal model lets you get your bearings and provides a much more forgiving experience for the less experienced driver, while Pro model thrusts you right into the real NASCAR driving experience, giving you a taste of what the professionals face. Explore the life of a NASCAR driver off the track in Career mode, where you'll have the chance to sign lucrative contracts, earn a reputation and accumulate valuable performance points in three authentic racing series. Blaze your way to the finish line in one-on-one competitions against some of the biggest stars of racing, including Jeff Gordon himself. With NASCAR 09, you're in for the ride of your life.Nascar 2009
Compete Online

Compete Online
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Highly Detailed Cars

Highly Detailed Cars
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