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JPL-NASA CSUN Pre-Service Teacher Institute (PSTI)

Dear Teacher Candidate:

We are very pleased to offer you the extraordinary opportunity to participate in the upcoming CSUN JPL- NASA Pre-Service Teacher Institute.  At the Pre-Service Teacher Institute or PSTI, which was developed by NASA to provide a more in-depth experience for pre-service teachers, you will spend

six days in an intensive experience where you will be exposed to problem-based learning, mathematics, science, technology and engineering-enrichment activities. We will begin with an all-day orientation scheduled on June 27th.  As a pre-service teacher you will be onsite at the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) for three full days (July 21-23), where you will be able to interface with NASA personnel and tour JPL-NASA facilities. You will be guided in learning how to incorporate NASA's cutting-edge research into STEM-integrated lesson plans for elementary and middle school (K-8) students. The Institute will culminate with guidance from JPL and CSUN education leaders as you work with peers to learn how to program Lego MindStorms Robots and to develop problem-based lessons (July 24-25).  In the fall, you will be supported in leading these lessons during your student teaching placements.

Only 25 candidates who can fully commit to the scheduled activities will be able to participate in the CSUN PSTI. To participate, complete and submit the attached form by May 28th. We are now receiving applicants from Los Angeles area CSUs.  Participants will receive a $500 stipend.

The dates that you MUST be in attendance are as follows:

  • Orientation and Project Based Learning Workshop at CSUN:  Friday, June 27: 10:00AM to 4:00PM

  • Institute on site at JPL (3 days) Monday—Wednesday, July 21-23 at the JPL Campus: 7:30AM. 5:00PM

  • Institute on site at CSUN (2 days) Thursday—Friday, July 24-25 at the CSUN Campus  8:00AM to 5:00PM

PSTIs are held at many NASA sites such as the Ames Research Center, the Johnson Space Center, the Kennedy Space Center, the Langley Research Center, the Marshall Space Flight Center, and the Stennis Research Center. You will receive a Certificate of Completion as evidence of your full participation in this intensive STEM activity.

We look forward to your participation.

Dr. Susan Belgrad, Professor, Department of Elementary Education

Dr. Norm Herr, Professor, Department of Secondary Education

David Seidel, Deputy Manager, JPL Lab Educational Office

Dr. Ota Lutz, JPL Education Specialist          

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