About The Film

Narrow Bridge is an independent narrative film produced by IzzyComm Motion Pictures. It is the first film of its kind to break the silence about the existence of sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community and depict the effects of sexual abuse on survivors.




Daniel Schneider is a quiet, shy, 21-year-old philosophy major. A proud Orthodox Jew, he is well liked by professors and committed to his faith. He prays daily and observes the Jewish Sabbath. During a chance encounter, Rachel Goldstein, a fellow student in his Modern Philosophy class, takes an interest in him. The two start out as study buddies, but quickly fall in love with one another. Rachel is inspired by Daniel's devotion to Judaism and slowly becomes more religious herself. She notices that he is mysteriously reluctant to talk about his life before college and his hometown, where he has not visited for four years.

As his relationship with Rachel develops, Daniel opens up emotionally and finds himself uncovering long-repressed memories of how he was sexually abused by his rabbi when he was twelve years old. When he returns to his insulated hometown together with Rachel, neither of them feel welcome in Daniel's tight-knit community. His dark secret begins to distance the two of them. As Daniel refuses to confront his feelings, he watches his life as he knows it slowly unravel before his eyes. Soon he questions where he stands with his family, community, fiancé, and G-d. Narrow Bridge is an exploration of the power of love and faith amid trials, both human and divine.