Narrating India - lecture

Suriya Kanth with his wife, children, and father, Andhra Pradesh, 2005.

This lecture is about the paradoxical India and its many different aspects. The subcontinent is both modern and traditional: a relatively new country containing one of the oldest cultures in the world. 

The lecture will provide you with concrete examples of how you can work with and study India in English class in a way that both respect this faceted country while avoiding a solemn and archaic approach. 

Furthermore, you will get suggestions as to how different literary theories and methods of analysis can be use to analyse and interpret Indian cultural products such as Bollywood films, literature, articles, speeches, ads etc. 

The lecture includes

  • inspiration for exercises, film clips, apps, etc. which can make your English class engaging and educational for the students
  • insight into Indian history and culture as well as insight into the reason why the Indian film industry plays such a major role in Indian culture
  • tips for how you can teach more than just Gandhi, poverty, and colonial India
  • inspiration for using literary theories and methods of analysis which can shed some light on the different ways to look at India inspired by both Indians and non-Indians
The lecture can be tailor-made to fit the needs of you or your students. E.g. more emphasis on Bollywood films, less focus on methods of analysis etc.

Duration: 1,5 hours
Language: Danish or English

Contact: Katrine Brøndsted at