Welcome to Winter in Maine! Considering winter is the longest season in Maine, it isn't surprising that outdoor activities in Maine are endless once the snow flies. The snow opens up many possibilities for physical activity that are only available in the winter. Enjoy some time on the weekends and during our upcoming vacation to be active, as a family, while participating in some of these fun winter activities:

·      Cross-Country Skiing

·      Down-Hill Skiing

·      Snowshoeing

·      Snowboarding

·      Sledding

·      Ice Skating

·      Build a snowman or snow fort.




Class Schedule: Please remember to wear your sneakers on gym day!
RED         Orange       Yellow        Green         Blue
Bishop      At Village    O'Donnell    Burns         AM at Village
Adolf         all day         Grady         Smith          Edgecomb
Veazie                          Webster     Nichols       D-H
Kenny                           Connolly    Stowbridge
Lyford                            Wright
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Jams School Program

Welcome to the Narragansett Elementary School Physical Education webpage!

        The goal for physical education class this year is to motivate and encourage the students of Narragansett to be physically active on a regular basis, through the use of fun, stimulating, and challenging activities. Some of the benefits to leading a healthy active life include; improved athletic performance; increased fitness levels; higher energy levels; better overall health; greater self-esteem; improved sleep; and better academic performance.
        I am looking forward to a great year in PE class! I am committed to helping your child be the best that he/she can be and help him/her enjoy their time at Narragansett.

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