Famous Quotations

from most Famous Independent Tobacco Experts


"It is unlikely that man will ever be able to inhale smoke components as harmless as unpolluted air, but as long as we have a society which accepts this habit and as long as people find satisfaction in smoking, we must work towards the day when tobacco-related cancers and other diseases will be reduced to a minimum. With the world wide coperation of the scientific community, the Departments of Agriculture, and the tobacco industry, it is our hope that this goal will be achieved."

SOURCE: Wynder EL, Hoffmann D. Tobacco and tobacco smoke. Semin Oncol. 1976 Mar;3(1):5-15.


"Although cessation of the tobacco habits is the only sure way to avoid an increased risk of tobacco-related cancers, certain modified products should be available to lower the incidence rates for cancer among those tobacco chewers and smokers who are unable to give up their tobacco habits. The modified cigarette has been the first approach toward the reduction of cancer risk."

SOURCE: Hoffmann D, Rivenson A, Chung FL, Wynder EL. Potential inhibitors of tobacco carcinogenesis. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 1993 May 28;686:140-60.


“The best way to avoid the risk of those types of cancer associated with tobacco use, and particularly with cigarettes smoking, is to stop smoking entirely. In view of the fact that man may not always accomplish this objective, research efforts towards reducing the experimentally established tumorigenicity of smoking products should be vigorously continued

SOURCE: Wynder EL, Hoffmann D. Reduction of tumorigenicity of cigarette smoke: an experimental approach. JAMA. 1965 Apr 12;192:88-94.


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