Pire Review

Pire-review is a pun. “Pire” is a French homonym of “peer” and means “worst” or, here: “very badly”


Pire-Review: Head of US-Syrian Centre Gives English Lessons to Native English ““waterpipe””™ Researchers… Watch Online the Birth of a New "Study"



Michael Siegel (24 June 2008): "There are four important implications to this story [...] Second, it reveals the increasing investigator bias in tobacco control articles these days. This is a disturbing trend to me. It suggests that the peer review system is not working particularly well for tobacco control. I think perhaps part of the problem is that the articles are being send to the same cadre of reviewers, all of whom are sharing the same bias towards favorable results

JNRBM (7 Nov 2007)

"[...] Amazingly, not only the first WHO report, supposed to have been intensively peer-reviewed, contains serious errors but also the second one [9][10]. Also, both reports contain direct or indirect references to absolutely non-peer-reviewed materials (e.g. popular press). In a recent Cochrane review, strangely similar in its form and substance (incl. errors) to the WHO report [11], the authors avoid citing appropriate references, including the WHO 84 page second report on shisha smoking [10]."

[9] Chaouachi K. WHO and Peer-Review Standards in Studies on Hookah Smoking. The Lancet Early Online Publication 2007 (29 Oct). In reply to Dr Douglas Bettcher, Dir. WHO/TFI a.i.'s comment: Bettcher D. WHO Response to Use of evidence in WHO recommendations. The Lancet Early Online Publication 2007 (10 Sept). 

[10] WHO-EMRO (World Health Organisation - Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office) and ESPRI (Egyptian Smoking Prevention Research Institute). Shisha Hazards Profile "Tobacco Use in Shisha - Studies on Waterpipe Smoking in Egypt". Cairo, 14 March 2007. ISBN: 978-92-9021-569-1. 84 pages. Prepared by Senior editors: Mostafa K. MOHAMED, Christopher A. LOFFREDO, Ebenezer ISRAEL et al.

[11] Maziak W, Ward K, Eissenberg T. Interventions for waterpipe smoking cessation. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2007 Oct 17;(4):CD005549.


John POLITO, Abrupt Cessation Program Director; Consistency - science for sale ? (May 18, 2003) "What I do know is that science, not financial interests, should be defining terms and writing rules, and that peer-review and oversight is in need of more than a band-aid."



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