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 24 Dec. 2007. (e-mailed) Letter to Dr Erik DYBING, Chairman TobReg (CC: Dr David BETTCHER and Dr Yumiko MOCHIZUKI (Dir. WHO/TFI) to inform them on “Serious Errors in WHO New Report on “Scientific Basis of Tobacco Product Regulation”

Among other very serious errors: “Smokeless tobacco (i.e. chewing tobacco, snuff and snus) is common and has become a leading cause of death in many developing countries” (pp. 35-36)


Plagiat/Contrefaçon: Tout ce que vous ne pouviez pas savoir sur le livre de Bertrand DAUTZENBERG et Jean-Yves NAU: « Tout ce que vous ne savez pas sur la chicha » [Intellectual Piracy/Plagiarism: Everything you couldn't know about this book] (8 June 2007)


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   The first ever prepared by the Health Agency of the United Nations. Reviewed, "peer-reviewed" and subject to "multiple layers" (sic) of "peer-review" according to officials of WHO TobReg (Study Group on Tobacco Regulation) and WHO TFI (Tobacco Free Initiative).

The very first sentence contains a huge error...

The 7 Fatals Errors in the WHO Report


Undoubtedly, the joint US-Syrian Center for Tobacco Studies is “a model of international partnership for the creation of sustainable research capacity in developing countries”(Promot Educ. 2004;11(2):93-7, 116, 134

Errors in the Scenario for the Narghile Epidemic in Syria. A critical analysis of: “Rastam S, Ward KD, Eissenberg T, Maziak W: Estimating the beginning of the waterpipe epidemic in Syria. BMC Public Health 2004, 4:32.”. BMC Public Health 2007 (30 Dec).