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My new site launched January 2014.
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Spinal Embryology Meditation AUDIO  Spinal Embryology Meditation (MP3) and Booklet.

'Stand up straight' she tells me for the umpteenth time, pins hanging out of her mouth. I look in the mirror in front of me, the fabric of my dance costume draped over my body, all a-swirl.
I look straight to me....or do I?
'I am, Mum'....
I am 13 years old.

I invite you to experience your heart-achingly beautiful body. And in particular, your back.
Through yoga, through your story, through your breath. Through your luscious embodied architecture. And together, we create real and potent change in your strong, fluid spine!

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Yoga with Scoliosis Intensives

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What's my Practice ?
- Yoga
within the landscape of my scoliosis.
AND, Photography and Image / word. My deep embodiment in the Body-Landscape.

Whom do I serve in yoga ? Women who want to practice yoga
within the terrain of an asymmetric spine, AND
women who simply want to deepen their experience of the ecology of their body; in movement, in yoga, in awareness and breath.

Yoga Teachers, Somatic Practitioners, Movers!

AND, Whom do I serve? People aching for communion of the Body-Land. People yearning to re-find that sacred Knowing of Wholeness within their embodiment of their terrain; the visceral knowledge that we are a breathing living interaction with the land and other beings.

Your spine is a curving graceful arc of river... Sometimes this changes...
pine fossilises, movement fluency
sediments, scoliosis downward spirals;
Happily there is another way to be in your body - of course!!

I invite you to the only service of its kind within Australia, specialising in yoga with scoliosis;
My service to you is anchored in my deep and reverent curiosity and study of embodiment, held in love and compassion.
The ground of my offering in yoga is my Iyengar Training and practice, informed by the juiciness of experiential spinal anatomy, embryology, and developmental movement patterns.
AND, the embodiment of the body as landscape.

Where to now? Here :)

A yoga teacher?
What a smorgasboard! Trainings, Workshops, and yep Mentoring packages. We can even look at a personal practice audit! What are you doing, why, and what does it give you? What delights you? What changes would you like to create?
Walk through the list to the left & click!
ASK :)

I also take Embodied Ecology Photography
© for fun (my photobook below), love to write,
 (sign up above for notice on new eBook releases during 2014),
and - as a Transformer - I support you in consciously creating your beautiful life. Huge grins!!

Transformation? That's at the heart of what I do :) It is real. It gets to the very nub of it.
AND, yes, it is an actual service, not a groovy catch word. A spiritual service. Your choice, your movement.
Your deep intrinsic change. True story. Click the link and jolly well check it out !

More "who is Narelle !?" info here:
is an unbridled innovator and status quo challenging entrepreneur.  A game changer, thought leader.
  Inspirer. A Spiritual Practitioner. A pursuee of supreme excellence, a soaker in beauty, grace and elegance.
Lover of reading great books, wild beaches and her cat. A passionate Teacher, lifetime student.
Consumer of velvet organic chocolate and sublime fair trade coffee (YUM).
A new Grand Mother, a Matriarch. Love, joy, generosity. Gratitude.

My VISION; well, I'm currently creating a retreat centre on the eastern seaboard of Australia,
offering a focused studio for Yoga and Scoliosis intensives (Studio Scoliosis-a truly unique space of service in the world),
and embodied meditation (amoung other ecologies!). Now doesn't that sound beauteous!

AND my photography.....growing!! (wink!)
extended BIO


Once upon a time we used to seek permission.
Align ourselves with an-Other's work.
That time is over.
You have permission!
your authority born of your own direct experience

with deep gratitude, acknowledge and honour those who teach you...

with Love
Soar - and Create what is yours to create!

Image credit (Right), Graham Woodman.
Kent UK, Nov 2012 at Simon Low's Yoga Teacher Development weekend.

Your body is sound and vibration;
Your body is your interior landscape;
-embody its terrain with consciousness, reverence, communion & vibrant JOY!

Image (below) from the 'Breath' series in Australian Skin

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Narelle's Photo Book; Australian Skin; an exhibition of Embodied Ecology Photography

WHO is this book for? Yoga teachers to share with their students, offering images of embodiment. Dancers artists, offering inspiration. Anyone wanting to connect with the body and earth more deeply!
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AUSTRALIAN SKIN - an embodied ecology.
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