The Digger keys ......

posted Jul 26, 2010, 9:36 AM by Tony Smithurst   [ updated Jul 28, 2010, 6:11 AM by A Standish ]
I thought i'd tell you about how we helped a farmer find the keys to his digger. Last year, i received a call asking if we could bring the metal detector to the farm, as he had lost the keys to his mechanical digger. I set about enlisting some support from fellow detectorists. On arrival at the farm, we were taken on a 20 minute journey, to where the farmer with friends had been working on a project to divert the course of a stream.

The mechanical digger was on hire and a set of spare keys had been lost. We searched the 20 metre length of tubing, which was filling with water at the time. No signal was forthcoming. So a decision was made to lift the tubing out, and search the bed of the stream. Shoes and socks off, and a careful search of the area revealed .................................. nothing.

So attention turned to the surrounding surface area. A careful search resulted in several Georgian coins and a silver Victorian 6d, but still no keys. Finally, we had to turn to the huge mound of soil that had been piled up, as a result of the mechanical digging. A quick external survey on the top, then down the sides and along the base revealed ................................ nothing.

At this point i had to make my excuses and leave, to attend another pre-booked function. So i made the decision to leave the detector with them, having given the farmer operating instructions. I couldn't get to the site the next day as my car was having its annual MOT. but towards the end of the day i took a call from a very relieved gentleman. They had found the missing keys, with the aid of the detector. Yes, you guessed it, almost at the bottom of an estimated 3 tonne mound of earth.

They were so pleased as there were a set of car keys attached to the digger keys and the owner did not have a spare set of car keys.  A reward was offered, which was declined.

It's amazing to think how our hobby helps others!