A Calf, A Barn & A Wedding Ring.

posted Jul 28, 2010, 12:16 AM by A Standish   [ updated Jul 28, 2010, 12:37 AM ]
On a cold Spring day in 2009, i received a call from a farmer, on whose land i detect on, asking if i could help find a friends wedding ring. Arrangements were made to visit the farm within the hour and on arrival were met by the farmer and his good friend who proceeded to tell me the following story.

The day before, he and his wife were helping deliver a calf in what was going to be a very difficult birth. So, his good lady removed her wedding ring and placed it on a hay bale, on the edge of the compound within the barn. They then tackled the immediate problem, to deliver the calf, which proved to be a titanic struggle, before the birth was succesfully completed.

The wife then turned to the location where she had placed her wedding ring, only to find that the hay bale had been knocked over and its contents scattered amidst the slurry on the floor. They had a quick search around, but in the evening gloom, it proved fruitless. She was very distraught as the wedding ring had been handed down from a previous generation.

I was invited to go along and help search the barn, but due to work commitments there would have been at least a delay of a week, before i could get there. So it was agreed that i give them a lesson there and then, on how to use the detector. After 30 minutes and lots of practice on grass and in a barn environment, they both felt confident that together they could work the machine. So, i left the machine with them, along with my telephone number.

Next evening, i took a call from a very relieved farmer. They had found the ring, about 3 metres from where it had been placed. His wife was very pleased with the outcome and a reward was offered and declined. Arrangements were made to collect the detector and the farmer then offered the opportunity to detect on his grounds after harvest was over.

......... a lovely story, that typically highlights good practice in working together.