YeeeeHaaaa -- Calgary 2012

After a long wait for a holiday, Narcy decided to visit his cowboy friends at the Calgary stampede.
This year was a special one for the stampeders as they celebrated 100 years, and Narcy was there to help them celebrate in true cowboy fashion.

He warmed up by visiting the Calgary heritage museum, where he met a very nice lady who had the thrill of showing him all the old vehicles.
He followed the museum trip with a ride on a steam train, where he met a nice conductor who had friends in Northamptonshire.
After his thrill of a steam train, a tram ride was called for. All of which paved the way to his stampede experience.
He just couldn't resist being photographed with a rugged looking Mountie, in amongst the indian reservation.
... And then finally, he made it into the stampede arena, where he persuaded a nice lady to pose with him, before settling into a wonderful afternoon of rodeo events.

... and very finally, 2 videos as a sample of the occasion.

Calgary 2012 - Chuck wagon race


Calgary 2012 - Bucking Bronco