NARCy goes to Canada

October 2010.

NARCY’s off to Canada 
Well, after a few months of travelling Wales and the parts of South East England, he decided to venture further afield, with a trip to the land of our colonial cousins, Canada.

Setting off from Daventry, in the early hours of Thursday morning, he made his way to Heathrow, where he checked in with the wonderful Air Canada airline, before making his way to the Swissair business lounge, to rest his weary self, before boarding the morning flight to Toronto.

He quickly made friends with the beautiful flight attendants and enjoyed their company and their special attention. On arrival at Pearson airport Toronto, he passed through immigration and passport controls without any problems, before meeting up with the driver of his chauffered limousine for the journey into downtown Toronto.

Checking into the hotel Metropolitan, he was taken to his room from where he planned his itinerary for the rest of the week.

Day 2 - Saturday

ll as the jet lag wore off NARCy decided to take the opportunity to explore Downtown Toronto. His first port of call was the famous Toronto Eaton Centre shopping mall, where after sampling the many delights, he made his way down to the harbour centre, where he met a very nice young lady called Robin, who persuaded him to take a tour of the Centre Islands. NARCy did enjoy the experience and some photos were taken.

After which, he made his way past the skydome and CN tower [more about that tomorrow], before turning North and making his way back to the hotel for a very smart and expensive lunch [he has expensive tastes!]

 Island cruise
 Toronto skyline
 Autumn colours

Day 3 - Sunday

Today was the day, NARCy met up with his Canadian counterparts before ascending the CN tower [the 2nd tallest building in the world]. Whilst there, he showed some courage to stand on the glass floor and look straight down to the ground 1500 metres below. Luckily he got a photograph of this memorable occasion for all to see.

He is starting to get a taste for the high life and is really looking forward to the rest of his visit.

CN Tower - Glass floor
 CN Tower Restaurant

Day 4 - Monday

Well today was a day to really remember. NARCy decided to visit the Royal Ontario Museum to see the Chinese terracotta army
exhibition. WOW, was he impressed. Regretfully, the security men were twitchy about him being photographed in the exhibition, so he was unable to get any pictures to show you the impressive artefacts that were on display.

He spent well over 5 hours in the various exhibition rooms and did manage to get himself photographed in some interesting locations. The Medieaval European section was a delight to visit, with armoury, weapons and all sorts of other objects on show, some of which we know that club members have found on various UK sites.

Totally exhausted after the days visit, he settled into the bar at the hotel and immediately got chatted up by a lovely barmaid from Paraguay. He could very well be adding Paraguay to his travel itinerary in due course.

 Skeleton from Arizona desert

Day 5 - Tuesday

NARCy had booked a tour to Niagara falls and was picked up by a very obliging Peruvian lady, who made his day a very exciting one.
Gladys, made certain that NARCy got the best out of the visit and was photographed in Niagara on the lake, at the Falls and also at the Whirlpool. He was so impressed with the location that he lost his plastic coat into the gorge - so i guess by now it is well down the river - maybe on the american side! Oh well, we will have to dig out a new coat for him.

The day ended with torrential rain but a very warm 21 degrees at 5pm!! -- this however is likely to be the last of the summer temperatures. Winter is fast approaching with Snow forecast in some parts of the region by the weekend.

As a side note, Hallowe'en is a major event over here and nearly all the shops have displays of ghouls, ghosts, witches and wizards -plus the city is awash with kids in various types of costume makeup usually associated with Hallowe'en. NARCy is displaying a shy tendency, in approaching such youngsters to have his picture taken with them. Still, we shall see how he manages as the week progresses.

 View from Sheraton Hotel
 Observation deck
 The power of the falls

Day 6 - Wednesday

The day dawned bright and sunny [16 degrees], albeit very gusty with strong winds. This suited our friend NARCy who revelled in the
conditions and was on top form. He made the effort to take the subway up to CASA LOMA, in North Toronto, where he proceeded to chat up many a lady and get photographed in many compromising positions.

The tour of the 20th century castle, was very interesting with a very informative militaria section on the Queens on Fusiliers and their work over the past 100+ years. Many military buttons, medals, weapons and artefacts were on display - very similar to what we find in the ground in rural Northamptonshire.

Whilst NARCy was on display he persuaded a lovely lady to participate in a photographic opportunity - [club members will have to watch out for his chat up lines to coax members of the opposite sex into photographic sessions with him!!]

Campaign Medals
 Spot the ugly one
Casa Loma  Conservatory

Wednesday evening -

Narcy visited the Air Canada Centre to experience an NBA Basketball game where Toronto played the New York Knicks. He made many friends along the way , but regretfully his camera had run out of batteries - but thanks to some nice local Canadians, he managed to persuade them to take his picture with them. He had a great evening, despite the home team losing by just 5 points.

Air Canada centre with friends
 Toronto Raptors v New York

However its all downhill from here with a sharp drop in temperatures forecast, but good cold crisp weather conditions. Winter is quickly approaching!.

Day 7 - Thursday

Today was a day of peace and quiet, recovering from the evening before. So he took advantage of the good weather conditions to visit family relatives to catch up on the news.

Day 8 - Friday

An interesting day as NARCy was on top form, he managed to persuade a couple of cheerleaders from the Toronto Argonauts football
team, to pose with him outside the Skydome.

He was in his element with the attention that everyone was paying him ---- or was it the cheerleaders?

The game was entertaining with Toronto throwing away a 10 point lead in the last 2 minutes left, which saw Montreal score a winning touchdown in the very last second of the game.

Day 9 - Saturday

Shopping, witnessing all the Hallowe'een costumes and visiting relatives. An action packed day culminating in Birthday celebrations for the old guy carrying him!

DAY 10 - Sunday

The last day. NARCy was sad to depart the lovely city of Toronto and spent the whole trip quietly shut away, going over his memories, whilst at the same time looking forward to his next trip.............

 North Africa