NARCy goes to CANADA 2

Narcy is off on his travels again
, this time he departed from Heathrow heading west towards Montreal. 

After a long journey and a free upgrade to a high quality room, NARCy required a good airing and was hung out to dry over the downtown skyline of Montreal.

The next day he ventured fourth into the old city and came across his first Canadian patriot.

After which he hot footed it to Quebec where he got to practice his French first hand at the very impressive french Citadel that sits next to the imposing Heights of Abraham.
Then it was a case of hot footing it onto Ottawa before he was upstaged by another 2 visitors from the UK.
[Will & Kate... whoever they are!]

Here he is seen joining in the with the 12 provincial flags of each Canadian province.

 On a very hot day, he attracted the attention of a very pretty student, in full regalia, who was feeling rather hot and bothered .... probably over meeting our famous flag!

or was it something to do with the warm weather!

 Then onto Toronto, where Neesh [apologies for spelling], took a fancy to him at the Ontario Science museum.

 That was the warm up act before tackling the CN tower, with Denise and a very nice gentleman who he got to know quite well...... or was it Denise that got to know him!
 The CN tower where he rested for a while.
 Then it was a case of returning back to the Metropolitan hotel for a meal and a drink with 2 superb hosts for the evening, Gregor and Veronica.

He made very good friends with these 2 lovely people and was well looked after in his time of hunger and thirst.

If ever you are in Toronto, make sure that you catch this great double act.
 ...and finally, a competition for you.

Photographed on the Heights of Abraham, Quebec.

Can you find the Beaver!