AUSTRALIA - January 2011

NARCy has had enough of our winter weather and is seeking warmer climes.Follow his story with interest.


After a long 14 hour flight, he finally made it to Singapore where he duly paid his respects to those who lost their lives in WW2.

His visit to the Kranji War cemetery was a sobering start to the vacation, but one which had to be done.

The tomb of

Dr Benjamin Henry Sheares,

President of the Republic of Singapore

02.01.1971 - 12.05.1981
 Sunday 16th January - PERTH


NARCy makes it to the home of Australian Cricket. The W.A.C.A.

Then he travelled 1700 miles in 2 days to get to Melbourne, in time for the England v Australia game

Inside the MCG with the test match going on in the background.

So where to next? In his latest email to us, he wishes us

"Greetings from the Sunshine coast in Queensland"

and says that the

"Next one should be from Steve Irwin Zoo in Beerwah, and the ones after from

Rod Laver Arena and the Open Tennis if I get that far..

Ramsay Street is on the cards too !!"


And today he visits the well know Australia Zoo, founded by Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter.

He somehow persauded security to pose!

Well done NARCy
 Mount Macedon

 Hanging Rock