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2010 - N.A.R.C. Christmas Dinner

On Friday 17th December, 14 members of the club and their partners made their way to Flore Holiday Inn, near Daventry for the clubs inaugural Christmas dinner. It was a marvellous evening with excellent food, great company and fine chat.

Thanks must go to the
  • Flore Holiday Inn staff who provided an excellent high quality service,
  • Nigel at Regtons, XP and Garrett for donating several prizes for our Xmas raffle. We very much appreciate the very  generous gesture.
  • Peter and Marlene for the superb glossy name tags, complete with menu orders, and finally
  • to Sue for taking time to organise such a wonderful occasion.

Now to the details

We all met as agreed for the pre arranged drinks, a few tales were swapped and details of our next rally [possibly 28th December] were discussed. When we were all together a message from our President Mr Derby was shared with everyone.

"I am sorry that i won't be able to join you all tonight, as my wife and i have
a dinner dance on the same day. I hope you all have a lovely time.
I shall be thinking of you all
Mr D. Derby [President]

This was well received and we all raised our glasses in a toast to the President and the Club.

We then took our seats, identified by the excellent
nametags, and soon realised that the seating arrangements had been thoughtfully set out.

Pretty quickly many a cracker and popper was pulled, the hats were soon on the head and the jokes were soon shared. Photos were being taken in all directions.

Then the first course started to arrive. Those who had the Soup commented on its quality and the Pate went down a storm. During the starters it was decided that the club raffle would be held after the main course, but before the dessert. Everyone had contributed a prize of quality, with some left over for our next meeting in January [the 21st].


The main course was either Salmon, Turkey or Beef. If we thought the starters were good, then the main course was to exceed our expectations. Ample portions for all. Everyone was in full agreement that the main meal was superb.

The raffle.

The prizes were taken into the foyer entrance and displayed, much to the envy of other partygoers, and everyone was allocated a number from 1 to 14. With each person coming to select a gift in order of their number.  There were plenty of items to choose from. Chocolate selection boxes, mystery prizes [from Wales!], flashing pens, cups, hats, rucksacks, pouches, paperweights, wine, champagne and 12 bottles of cider [thanks Dave G!] - to name but a few. Over £40 was raised for club funds, so thank you everyone.

There were prizes left over which will be raffled off at our next meeting!


The 3rd and final course was soon upon us and it rounded off a perfect meal. Then the dancing started - Sue, Marlene and Denise led the way, whilst the gents quickly made their escape to the bar!

Pretty soon it was all over, but it was agreed that the club members had had a wonderful time and that we shall most definitely be doing something like this again early in the new year. e.g Indian / Chinese/ Fish n Chip night. Many a comment was passed about how pleasant it was to belong to a club which did things together. It would never have happened in the old one!

So here's wishing all N.A.R.C. members a very healthy, wealthy and prosperous 2011. Lets hope that all the finds are 'crackers'.

.......................and finally.

Caught by the security cameras,
Does anyone know this person, last seen running off in the direction of Northampton with the star prize!

plus a slideshow of the evening

2010 N.A.R.C. Xmas Dinner